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Conservatory Craftsmen protects plants from harsh winters with their Deep Winter Greenhouses. The company’s design uses heat from the sun and the Earth itself using “ground to air heat transfer,” which creates a sustainable way to regulate greenhouse temperatures.

[MINNEAPOLIS, 03/18/19] It’s almost spring in Minneapolis, but the winter season continues to bring cold winds and snow into the state. Minnesota just recovered from another winter storm that brought up to 12 inches of snow to the Twin Cities area in March 2019, according to the National Weather Service.

While some plants often adapt to weather well, a sudden change in temperature may damage and kill them, according to an article from the University of Illinois Extension about how plants are affected by winter. Other than that, unprotected plants can suffer from frost injury and winter burn on their leaves and flowers. As such, Conservatory Craftsmen offers Deep Winter Greenhouses (DWG) that create an ideal space for every plant to grow in.

A Greenhouse for the Cold Season

Conservatory Craftsmen’s Deep Winter Greenhouse uses heat from the sun and the earth itself. Its primary glass faces the south side to get maximum sunlight. Reflectors on the interior walls also help make the most of the sun’s warmth. The company’s ideal greenhouse also comes with blinds that help regulate sunlight throughout every season. The greenhouse sits atop what the firm calls a “heat sink” that facilitates “ground to air heat transfer” (GAHT).

Great for Every Season as Well

The GAHT process involves collecting heat from the greenhouse and exhausting it into the pipes underground. The soil then cools the air and releases it back into the greenhouse. This is especially helpful during warmer seasons. In cold weather, however, the fans and pipes can harness warmth accumulated in the soil during the hotter seasons to introduce hot air into the greenhouse.

A Sustainable Solution

DWGs provide heating and cooling for plants without the need for fossil fuels. The GAHT system makes temperature regulation more natural. Despite this innovation, Conservatory Craftsmen is still looking for ways for their DWGs to operate with as little energy as possible.

Conservatory Craftsmen continues to create stylish and functional greenhouses for its customers. Apart from the Deep Winter Greenhouse, the company offers residential and commercial greenhouses from simple designs to luxurious glass castles.

About Conservatory Craftsmen
Conservatory Craftsmen has been designing and building custom conservatories for over 20 years. The Minnesota-based family-owned business works on conservatories, greenhouses, pool enclosures, and commercial atriums. The company uses a variety of high-quality structural materials and finishes, together with automation, to create the perfect greenhouse for every home and business.

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