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Be Unique Hospitality
Office No. 72, Oasis Centre Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, U.A.E

Tel: +971 4 380 1057

Be Unique Hospitality is a leading restaurant consulting service and hospitality company that knows what it takes for a restaurant to succeed in the industry. Whether new, established or startup, restaurants will endure trouble from time to time. It is hard to keep a restaurant afloat particularly in the first year of operation, with most restaurants closing down in the first three years according to reliable statistics.

Restaurant owners or aspiring restaurateurs despite the statistics may want to go ahead with starting a new restaurant. The start or roll-over must be good, similar to getting a campaign off the ground. “To make the start good, having the expertise of a restaurant consultant in Dubai will ensure that clients can realize success at every turn of their venture” says the Director of Be Unique Hospitality.

The mission of Be Unique Hospitality is to elevate food and beverage, make customers feel like they are missing out on something by providing fully integrated restaurant solutions to their clients. They understand each facet of the industry, how every client is different and every restaurant functions independently. Each client requires a unique restaurant solution, one that is practical, creative, efficient and profitable to face the challenges that the hospitality industry brings.

Ongoing operational management is essential to keeping the restaurant’s daily business activities functioning. A restaurant consultant in Dubai offers a range of services that come under complete restaurant solution which include general operations, restaurant concept, menu engineering, business plan and recruitment. All these facets must come together if a restaurant is to succeed.

Clients are requested to make a booking or meet a restaurant consultant to further discuss their restaurant goals.

About Us
Be Unique Hospitality is a high level restaurant consultancy firm in the U.A.E and Asia with decades of experience in helping turn the tide of restaurant profitability. We have worked with diverse clients from all walks of life, and specialize in offering practical solutions to bars, spas, hotels, cafes and restaurants. We are there from beginning to end in the successful turnaround of an old restaurant or the starting point of a new restaurant. Our work has involved writing the business plan, designing the restaurant concept, menu engineering and all the way to recruitment and implementation. For more information, visit our website at