School Solutions 360, Inc. Launches: Empowering Schools with Integrated Educational Services

 School Solutions 360, Inc., a new conglomerate of educational companies, officially launches today, offering a comprehensive range of services and products to help schools achieve their goals and foster student success. This new organization brings together the strengths and expertise of its subsidiary companies, including Carter Books and Supplies, LLC, Interactive Business Solutions, LLC, and The Educators Spot, LLC, united under a shared vision of education as a transformative force in the world.

At the core of School Solutions 360, Inc.’s mission is the recognition that each of its subsidiaries plays a vital role in providing high-quality educational solutions:
• Carter Books and Supplies, LLC offers a diverse selection of top-quality educational products and services, including arts and crafts, teacher supplies, school supplies, office supplies, workbooks, and supplemental materials for remedial learning.
• Interactive Business Solutions, LLC delivers cutting-edge technology solutions designed to enhance learning, streamline operations, increase educator efficiency, and improve student engagement.
• The Educators Spot, LLC provides professional development workshops and customized services tailored to meet the specific needs of students, parents, and educators.

Schools that choose School Solutions 360, Inc. will benefit from the seamless integration of these subsidiary companies’ offerings, gaining access to a wide range of services, including classroom supplies and materials, innovative technology solutions, and professional development workshops. Additionally, educational consultant services are available to meet the unique needs of individual schools, further enhancing student learning and engagement.

With its commitment to supporting and empowering schools, School Solutions 360, Inc. aims to be a trusted partner in education, offering comprehensive solutions that make a meaningful difference in the lives of students and educators.

For more information about School Solutions 360, Inc. and its subsidiary companies, please visit or contact Abi Marsh at (404) 644-4198 or

About School Solutions 360, Inc. School Solutions 360, Inc. is a leading provider of comprehensive educational solutions, with a mission to empower schools and transform lives through education. By uniting the strengths and expertise of its subsidiary companies, School Solutions 360, Inc. offers a wide range of products and services designed to enhance student learning and engagement, improve efficiency for educators, and support the unique needs of schools.

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Healthcare Enrichment Solutions Partners with Optimistic Healthcare Solutions

 Healthcare Enrichment Solutions Partners with Optimistic Healthcare Solutions to Offer Medical Billing and Best AR Collections services to make our clients business more profitable and reduce the claims adjustments/write off.

Arizona-based Healthcare Enrichment Solutions and India-based Optimistic Healthcare Solutions announced today that they have agreed to bring joint opportunities for AR Collection and Medical Billing services. Generating maximum revenue for to its clients with the strategic planning and focussed data analysis to prevent future claims denial.

The Optimistic Healthcare Solutions System, headquartered in India’s Economic capital and Leading IT sector Mumbai. Optimistic Healthcare solutions, an industry leading healthcare revenue cycle management company serving medical billing and AR collections services to healthcare providers, doctors, clinics, and hospitals across the USA. Optimistic Healthcare Solutions is a healthcare BPO company of revenue cycle management RCM and health information management. The company’s expertise with outsource medical billing outsourcing enables it to provide end-to-end solutions to resolve clients’ billing challenges. Has become a trusted Revenue cycle management company who has been delivering its services to multiple healthcare providers and specialties. Its reporting and problem-solving approach have gained its clients trust and confidence it their services.

Over the past three years, Healthcare Enrichment Solutions, LLC has become a trusted healthcare consulting company for hospitals, accountable care organizations and physicians across the United States. Their mission is to help their customers navigate the rapidly changing landscape and assure all compliance standards while providing the solutions or people with access to quick clinical decisions.

“By adding Healthcare Enrichment Solutions, LLC, we are driving the market in using unique and proven strategies to deliver the best class collections results to all sizes of the companies and providers who are facing challenges in managing their revenue cycle system as a billing partner we believe that clients each claim should get paid and shouldn’t be written off due to ignorance and backlog. Hence, we only get our compensations on what we collect for our client and no other additional charges paid by the client. We only receive payment when our clients get their payments.” – Gauri Shetty, Chief Financial Officer of Optimistic Healthcare Solutions

“Healthcare Enrichment Solutions, LLC’s is proud to add a new Partner of dynamic patient capabilities to Optimistic Healthcare Solutions. Our partner platform has the capability of delivering best class account receivable services to healthcare providers, high quality receivables management solutions through the integration of leading-edge technology, highly skilled and motivated staff and proven workflow practices.

“We can now offer best class medical billing services to our clients.” – Dr. David A. Wanner, EdD, CEO of Healthcare Enrichment Solutions

About Healthcare Enrichment Solutions
Healthcare Enrichment Solutions is the leading consulting services group which feature health monitoring service, transforming remote patient monitoring and chronic care management by providing a service pathway to collaborative care on demand—with a focus on 24/7 clinical support to ease the chronic disease management and RPM/RTM/TCM monitoring burden on payers, hospitals, providers, home health, caregivers and patients. Healthcare Enrichment Solutions services can be integrated with any people or patient monitoring technology platforms and can be customizable to meet the unique needs of the patient populations. The company’s providers include internist, specialist, nurse practitioners, dietitians and medical assistants—all acutely focused on driving improved health incomes and better quality of life for its members. Healthcare Enrichment Solutions services drive results in improving health outcomes and driving down the cost of care. For more information about Healthcare Enrichment Solutions.

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About Optimistic Healthcare Solutions
The Optimistic Healthcare Solutions System, headquartered in India’s Economic capital and Leading IT sector Mumbai. Optimistic Healthcare solutions, an industry leading healthcare revenue cycle management company serving Medical billing and AR collections services to healthcare providers, doctors, clinics and hospitals across the USA. Optimistic Healthcare Solutions is a healthcare BPO company of revenue cycle management RCM and health information management. The company’s expertise with outsource medical billing outsourcing enables it to provide end-to-end solutions to resolve clients’ billing challenges.

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Kryptonite Solutions’ Founder Listed in Entrepreneurs List 2022

 Mr. Paras Doshi, the founder of Kryptonite Global Solutions, has been listed in the 35 under 35 entrepreneurs list for the year 2022. This passionate entrepreneur has achieved greater heights of success in the field of the medical industry at a very young age of 29. The company mainly focuses on MRI Compatible Equipments.

The company deals with the top hospitals and imaging centres in Asia and around the world. Doshi believes that since the industry of radiology is booming across the world as diagnostics, specifically MRI, is the future in the medical industry and opening up to new markets, Kryptonite Solutions is going to have immense growth worldwide.

Kryptonite Solutions was initiated in 2013 with a mission to transform the healthcare sector with user-oriented equipment assisting both the patient and the people working. The organization endeavours steadily to revamp the healthcare industry through the introduction of state-of-the-art products. Moreover, considering the patient experience as the main concern, the organization is also known to be the ultimate healthcare designer to enhance the hospital infrastructure. Inspired and inspiring others to change the world for the better with an aim to genuinely help the healthcare industry with futuristic technology products.

Kryptonite Solutions
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Solutions Firm Looking to End In-House Customer Support for Early-Stage Startups

 Smoothen, a CX Solutions firm is using AI-powered customer experience operations to disrupt in-house support for early-stage startups. Its tagline, “Avoid years of labor costs with efficient customer experience operations, from the start,” highlights its commitment to helping early-stage startups scale their support teams responsibly. Smoothen architects a CX department with AI, data, CRM tooling, and customer journey mapping. This year, the company pivoted to focus on early-stage startups, as it recognized that many companies become overstaffed in their support department due to a lack of automation and proper management.

Startups can opt to outsource to Smoothen’s management team, which embeds into the organization and offers a 12-month price lock, ensuring cost stability. Smoothen’s focus is solely on growing the startups it works with, enabling them to avoid hiring entry-level support members who may seek to grow outside of doing frontline work.

“We believe that sometimes it’s good to have a team that isn’t looking to develop within your company, but to just develop your user experience,” said Smoothen’s Founder, Devon Harris, “With our approach, early-stage startups can efficiently scale their customer experience without worrying about overstaffing or incurring unnecessary labor costs.”

Smoothen’s innovative approach is set to disrupt the CX Solutions industry and help early-stage startups achieve their growth goals.

About Smoothen

Initially, a CRM development firm aimed at improving ROI for large CRM contracts, Smoothen has since diversified its services to cover areas such as customer journey mapping, chargeback management, and compliance coordination, with a wider focus on customer experience. With their new emphasis on early-stage startups, the company is dedicated to helping companies scale their customer experience operations responsibly.

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Teche Solutions Launching TecheBOARD

 Teche Solutions, ( an innovative enterprise IoT solutions provider in the embedded computing marketplace, is pleased to launch the TecheBOARD, an industrial mini-ITX motherboard featuring 11th generation Intel® quadcore J6413 processor based on Elkhart Lake architecture to boost the performance of AI and IoT applications.

According to Sahil Garg, Global Product Manager at Teche Solutions, the TecheBOARD delivers a fantastic performance to price ratio and is compatible with many different versions of Linux and Windows OS, making it a very alluring solution for the industrial motherboard market.

TecheBOARD’s high performance is assisted by the two DDR4-3200 SO-DIMMs with up to 32GB of memory, it is equipped with one M.2 Key E 2230 for wireless module and one M.2 NVMe SSD, 2 x SATA 3.0 ports supporting 2 x 3.5″ HDD making the embedded board much more flexible. Besides, it provides a full-size mini PCIe 4G LTE module with on-board SIM card slots.

“TecheBOARD is designed to cater to a wider audience of edge computing devices, smart displays, kiosks and Healthtech due to its first-in-segment features like on-board 4G LTE support, on-board USB 3.0 for secure booting, HDMI 2.1 technology that will enable users to release high performance quality products,” said Pankaj Khare, Chief Executive Officer at Teche Solutions.

To secure the hardware-based data, the TecheBOARD supports on-board USB 3.0 for secure boot. Moreover, Teche Solutions is planning to release a Lego architecture-based chassis designed for the mini-ITX motherboards; they also have the capability to assist with any customer’s industrial integration requirements.

About Teche Solutions

We are a global provider of IT infrastructure services with a focus on designing, implementing, migrating, and maintaining IT infrastructure. Delivery of enterprise-grade solutions and services of all sizes and across all industries. We provide reliable, affordable, and collaborative engagement models for enterprises.

TecheBOARD is ready for pre-order now. For more product information or customization services, please visit their global website at or contact one of our consultants at

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