Canada – Response by the Government of Canada to Data On Tap Inc.’s CRTC petition 

Today, the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, issued the following statement:

April 14, 2022 – Ottawa, Ontario 

Today, the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, issued the following statement:

“Access to affordable and reliable wireless services is critical in today’s society and economy. That’s why our government is making every effort to ensure that telecommunications services are reliable, innovative, competitive and—most crucially—affordable. This includes:

encouraging greater competition to support the growth of small regional players;
regulating roaming on the big three networks;
fulfilling our commitment to reduce wireless prices by 25% across a number of plans within two years; and
directing the CRTC to promote competition, affordability, consumer interests and innovation in all of its decisions.

“Following that direction, the CRTC announced a decision that, among other changes, requires Bell, Rogers, TELUS and SaskTel to provide mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) access to regional wireless carriers that own spectrum and facilities. This decision helped to create greater competition by allowing smaller carriers to serve more Canadians and operate in new areas. Subsequently, the Governor in Council received a petition from Data On Tap Inc. to review that decision.

“In response, the Governor in Council has carefully considered the petition and reached a position that supports competition and affordability. A primary consideration in this review was that expanding MVNO access to providers that do not possess spectrum and have not invested in facilities would undermine the work of smaller regional providers that have already invested substantially to increase competition. Based on this review, the Governor in Council has declined to vary the CRTC’s decision.

“While recent declines in wireless prices are encouraging, prices are still too high. That’s why we’ll watch carefully to ensure these rules for MVNO access will lead to more choice and lower prices for Canadians. We will continue to do everything we can to make life more affordable for Canadians.” 

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Order in Council concerning Telecom Regulatory Policy Decision CRTC 2021-130 

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NEC Group Response to the Situation in Ukraine

The NEC Group would like to express our sympathies to all who are impacted by the tragic situation in Ukraine, and our thoughts are especially with the family of NEC group employees who call that region home. We sincerely hope that peaceful, safe and secure conditions will return as soon as possible. “Uncompromising Integrity and Respect for Human Rights” is part of the NEC Group’s Principles of the NEC Way that define the basis of our actions and behaviors, and we condemn any unlawful use of force that violates human rights.

Netcracker Technology, a U.S.-based subsidiary of NEC Corporation, operates software development sites in Ukraine. Netcracker Technology has implemented a series of aid and support initiatives for its employees in Ukraine and their families, including evacuation support and provision of housing, food, water, goods and supplies. As of today, more than 700 of our Ukrainian employees and their families have been relocated to safer locations within Ukraine and abroad.

In addition to complying with the regulations of the Government of Japan and the international community, the NEC Group has suspended all future sales of products and services, as well as future investments in Russia.

Further, the NEC Group will donate five hundred thousand euros to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) for humanitarian assistance for those affected by the crisis in Ukraine and its surrounding areas. In addition, each NEC Group company is raising donations from employees around the world.

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Enthusiastic Response to Stakeholders’ Consultation on Revenue Sharing Model for discontinued/closed coal mines of Coal India Ltd

The Ministry of Coal held a stakeholder consultation on revenue sharing model for discontinued/closed mines of CIL here today with the private sector.

The consultation has attracted huge participation from the private sector  like Essel Mining, Adani, TATA, JSW, JSPL etc. and their enthusiastic support to the proposal. The Government is contemplating to partner Private Sector on Revenue Sharing Model to produce coal from discontinued/closed mines. There are many mines which were discontinued/closed in the past by CIL due to several reasons and these could be reopened and productively brought into operation with the partnership of the private sector.

Ministry of Coal is very hopeful that collaboration with the private sector will enhance productivity, efficiency gains and will be able to produce additional coal required for the development of the country. CIL is looking to offer more than 100 such mines to private sector on Revenue Sharing basis in due course of time.



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Hong Kong – AFCD’s response to media enquiries on injury cases caused by wild pigs

AFCD’s response to media enquiries on injury cases caused by wild pigs


     In response to media enquiries about injury cases caused by wild pigs, a spokesman for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) today (November 26) gave the following reply:


     Injury cases caused by wild pigs have shown a notable rise in recent years. Forty-two such cases were recorded between 2011 and today (November 26) with 86 per cent (36 cases) occurred between 2018 and now. Seventeen cases were recorded so far this year with six alone this month.


     Fifty-three casualties were involved in those 42 cases, including eight elderlies and two children. Among them, six were in serious condition and underwent operations. Please see figures of injury cases caused by wild pigs at Annex.


     The surging trend in injury cases and casualties clearly show that wild pigs have already posed very serious threats to public safety. Wild pigs are dangerous wild animals, especially those which have accustomed to scavenging and being fed in urban areas, or huge in size. They may bite or knock down members of public while getting food from citizens. In addition, wild pigs may also transmit zoonotic diseases, such as tuberculosis, hepatitis E, influenza A and Streptococcus suis infection, thereby posing threats to public health.


     It is necessary for the Government to take decisive actions to tackle nuisance of wild pigs. The AFCD will continue to mount regular wild pig capture operations and accord priority to sites with large numbers of wild pigs, and areas with a history of past injury cases or where wild pigs may pose risks to members of the public to safeguard public safety and maintain public hygiene. Furthermore, upon receiving reports about wild pig sightings in urban areas, the AFCD will also capture the wild pigs which pose potential danger or cause nuisance to members of the public for humane dispatch.

Hong Kong – Response to the media reports by the Legal Aid Department

Response to the media reports by the Legal Aid Department


     In relation to the media reports today about Mr Lau Wai-chung who was assigned by the Legal Aid Department (LAD) as defence counsel for Mr Tong Ying-kit in the National Security Law case, the LAD today (June 21) responds as follows:

     Mr Lau Wai-chung is one of the defence counsel representing the legally-aided person Mr Tong Ying-kit. The LAD assigned the case to Mr Lau in accordance with the established assignment criteria. Mr Lau also meets the criteria for assignment of legal aid cases. At the time when LAD assigned the case to Mr Lau, he was not yet involved and charged in any case.

     All the hearings including the case management hearings and pre-trial reviews in Tong Ying-kit’s case were conducted in open court. Information submitted by the Prosecution did not involve any confidential matters. Therefore there does not exist any situation where Mr Lau can make use of confidential information obtained in the case for the purpose of preparing defence in his own case in future.