ZEAL Invests 1% of Profit Into Bridging the Gap

 ZEAL, an award-winning software consultancy, today announced the commitment to invest 1% of its overall profit into the next generation of technical talent and bridging the digital divide. 50% of the investment went to LEARN academy, who is teaching a new generation of daring and diverse students to be compassionate, curious, and professional web developers. LEARN academy’s guaranteed internship and career services for life are helping to create more career pathways so anyone can enter and excel in the tech industry.

“This investment and donation from ZEAL helps career changers in our community to become software engineers and designers, and addresses the talent gap and lacking representation in tech. We are so happy to partner with ZEAL and what’s possible for the next generation of tech talent.” – Chelsea Kaufman, LEARN academy CEO & Co-Founder

Since 2013, ZEAL has committed a percentage of their profits to organizations like LEARN. This year in addition to LEARN, ZEAL invested in the New Technical Fund which supports organizations like One Digital World and Women in Tech. One Digital World connects refugees worldwide with technical education that is essential to community integration. Women in Tech supports over 70.000 members in 6 continents. They’re on a mission to empower 5M women and girls by 2030 through advocacy, education, and access.

“As leaders, we believe it’s more important than ever to model our values. ZEAL is a principle driven company and bridging the gap is a part of our company’s mission. Through our donations, we are helping to support an ecosystem of change through job seekers looking to upskill, women and girls getting access to technology, digital literacy for asylum seekers and refugees and beyond. I’m honored to work with organizations committed to this work and hope that ZEAL can do more next year.” – Adam Cuppy, ZEAL Co-founder and COO

ZEAL was founded in 2013 to bring integrity and innovation to web and mobile app consulting. The company works with some of the best leaders and companies in technology and in 2021 held their first Virtual Reality Summit, encouraging connection and engagement amongst their distributed teams. They work to bridge the gap through additional programs and initiatives like their software residency program, in partnership with LEARN academy.

About ZEAL:

ZEAL is an award-winning software consultancy that specializes in web and mobile application design and development. Their specialty lies in delivering creative solutions, innovative products, and modernized optimizations, while helping to level up client teams and the overall business. ZEAL has a decade of best practices and processes, developed across industries with their client roster that includes startups to Fortune 500s. Founded in 2013, the company works at the intersection of cutting-edge technology, applications, and human-centric experiences. Learn more at codingzeal.com.


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IBO Technology (2708.HK) Announced Positive Profit Alert; Expects Profit Attributable to the Owners of the Company of not Less than RMB3 million

IBO Technology Company Limited (stock code: 2708.HK) has announced a positive profit alert that the profit attributable to the owners of the Company of not less than RMB3 million for the six months ended 30 September 2021 (Loss attributable to the owners of the Company of RMB15.45 million for the six months ended 30 September 2020), which was mainly attributable to:

— the substantial increase in revenue and gross profit during the Reporting Period as compared to the Corresponding Period of 2020, as driven by significant increase in revenue from intelligent terminal products sales;

— gain on change in fair value of convertible bonds was recorded during the Reporting Period, while loss on change in fair value of convertible bonds was recorded for the Corresponding Period of 2020;

— gain on change in fair value of consideration payables was recorded during the Reporting Period, while loss on change in fair value of consideration payables was recorded for the Corresponding Period of 2020.

The Board expects that the announcement of the interim results of the Company for the six months ended 30 September 2021 will be published by the end of November 2021.

For more information, please refer to the announcement:

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Apex Ace’s Net Profit Rockets to HK$26.6 Million in 1H2021

Apex Ace Holding Limited (“Apex Ace” or the “Company”; Stock Code: 6036) and its subsidiaries (collectively referred as the “Group”), a Hong Kong-based supplier of digital storage products and electronics components along with relevant technical support, has posted a revenue of approximately HK$1,423.9 million, representing a year-on-year leap of approximately 97.6% for the six months ended 30 June 2021 (“1H2021” or the “Review Period”). Profit attributable to owners of the Company rocketed to approximately HK$26.6 million from the HK$1.0 million recorded for the six months ended 30 June 2020 (“1H2020” or the “Last Corresponding Period”).

During the Review Period, the semiconductor market saw a strong surge in demand and increasing number of customers sought to build more resilient local supply chains or self-sufficiency in competitive technologies in lieu of a reliance on imported chips in anticipation of post-coronavirus disease 2019 (the “COVID-19”) economic recovery. The global shortage of semiconductors has led to an increase in the average selling price of electronics products, and consequently contributed to the Group’s expansion. Coupled with the Group’s strong ties with major local manufacturers, Apex Ace acted as a stable supplier of digital storage products and general electronics components and achieved an outstanding performance during the unprecedented market situation.

Business Review

The Group’s two major product segments, namely digital storage products and general components, contributed 79.7% and 20.3% of the Group’s total revenue during the Review Period, respectively.

Revenue generated from the Group’s digital storage products was approximately HK$1,135.5 million (1H2020: HK$487.3 million). Gross profit of the segment increased to approximately HK$109.2 million (1H2020: HK$30.4 million), up by 259.4% when compared with the Last Corresponding Period. Gross profit margin increased to 9.6% (1H2020: 6.2%), which was mainly attributable to a further broadening of the customer base and a higher average selling price driven by an industry-wide semiconductor shortage and supply chain constraints.

The Group’s another business segment, general components, achieved stable growth, with revenue having increased by 23.5% year-on-year to approximately HK$288.4 million for the Review Period from approximately HK$233.5 million for the Last Corresponding Period. Gross profit of this segment grew by 15.0% to approximately HK$31.9 million (1H2020: HK$27.7 million) and gross profit margin decreased to 11.1% (1H2020: 11.9%)


Looking forward, the Group is optimistic about the overall electronics market over the next couple of years on the back of heavy demand for electronics products and the rapid increase in the use of emerging technologies in automotive and industrial electronics. Furthermore, the supply of semiconductors has not kept up with the demand and the chip drought is rippling through supply chains worldwide. The shortage is further complicated by geopolitical tensions, as the US government’s decision to restrict technology exports to China has prompted the end customers of the semiconductor industry to move away from a just-in-time inventory system to a just-in-case system. Stockpiling has been a priority in the manufacturing sector in anticipation of further restrictions.

Many multinational corporations are reviewing their global supply chains in order to ensure a more stable supply of key components. Thanks to the local availability of chips and other components, on top of the ease of securing skilled labor, the majority of companies are likely to remain in China. Indeed, those who have faced shuttered production lines in Southeast Asian countries due to the continued pandemic situation in the region are moving back to China.

In view of the industry trends, the Group will continue its diversification strategy and take measures to expand its business in the telecommunications, automotive and consumer electronics end markets. It will serve its customers with a wider product portfolio in the rapidly changing and advancing electronics components distribution market. The Group will establish a more resilient supply chain and expand ties with local electronics manufacturers, while strengthening its ability to respond to supply chain risks or opportunities at pace. The Group believes that its enhanced and broadened product portfolio will not only drive business momentum and improve customer engagement, but also add significant value to its future operations.

Mr. Lee Bing Kwong, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Apex Ace, said, “The Group remains cautiously optimistic about market developments as it has worked to maximize the potential of its product portfolio and operating model. We believe that its growing portfolio addresses emerging and disruptive automotive, industrial and cloud-based applications and it will position itself as a future leader in the microelectronics distribution industry. The Group will continue to diversify its product portfolio and customer base in order to maintain its resilience against economic headwinds and industrial challenges and enhance its competitiveness to stride forward in a prosperous manner”.

About Apex Ace Holding Limited (Stock Code: 6036)
Apex Ace principally engages in the supply of digital storage products including memory and data & cloud products and general electronic components as well as technical supports. The Group’s customers are primarily market players in the TMT sector in the PRC and Hong Kong. The Group’s products are classified into two major segments including digital storage products and general components.

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IBI Issues Positive Profit Alert, Expects to Record Over 140% Increase in Profit Attributable to the Owners of the Company

IBI Group Holdings Limited (“IBI” or the “Group”; Stock Code: 1547), a publicly listed holding company that holds investments in companies focused on the Built Environment, is pleased to announce a positive profit alert. Based on a preliminary review of the unaudited consolidated management accounts of the Group, the Group is expected to record a net profit attributable to the owners of the Company of approximately HK$51.9 million to HK$56.2 million for the year ended 31 March 2021, representing an increase of approximately 140% to 160% as compared to a net profit of approximately HK$21.6 million for the year ended 31 March 2020, primarily attributed to the significant increase in realised and un-realised fair value gain from investments in listed equities.

Mr. Neil Howard, Chairman and CEO of IBI, said, “We are pleased to record remarkable results amid this challenging year with COVID-19 ravaging the global economy on an unprecedented scale. During the year, we have made good use of our internal resources and have invested in numerous international blue-chip companies with a long history and strong fundamentals. Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pleased to generate a significant increase in our income for the Group. On the other hand, our core business continued to deliver stable performance despite the challenging environment. We have completed a number of construction projects during the year including luxury projects for the Hong Kong Jockey Club and the Man Wah and Aubrey restaurants for the Mandarin Hotel in Central. Armed with the strong foundation of our core business, as well as the outstanding performance of our strategic investments, it is believed that we are well-positioned to capture future opportunities that will maximise value for our shareholders.”

About IBI Group Holdings Limited (stock code: 1547)

IBI Group Holdings Limited is a publicly listed holding company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, focused on investments in the Built Environment. The Group’s investments whilst principally centering around the role of contracting, include businesses providing innovative, high quality manufacturing and supply solutions across a diverse range of the built environment. Our mission is to deliver premium products, services and customer experiences with a strong influence of innovation, sustainability and wellness. For more information, please refer to IBI’s website: https://ibighl.com/.

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