Pearson Media Group Offers Sponsorship Program to an Inspiring Story of One Man’s Battle against a City

Pearson Media Group esteemed repute will be lustier as they storm the industry with its partnership with author Tania Giguere. Teamed with the most ambitious people in the industry, success may yet side with them.
In a perilous world filled with menacing entities, there can still be hope for a brighter tomorrow when one light shines forth from a sea of darkness. “The White Pearl” perfectly expresses this motivation.
A gripping tale of how one man combats the notorious side of Chicago, the book starts out on a series of murder and drug cases. Officers have begun to give up and when it seems like all else fails, a hero takes lead. Detective John starts an undercover investigation in the deepest heart of the city rife with corruption and prejudice. He remains firm in cleaning the streets of Chicago and leaves nothing to chance.
It soon becomes clear that there is a greater conspiracy behind the horrible events. John hunts down the devil mastermind and the story unfolds with page-turning suspense. The gritty detective is just a common man like everyone else who wants justice for the innocent.
This book will grab your attention straight away and hold it throughout. The dark allure of the storyline will keep you on edge to see what happens next.
“The White Pearl”
Written by Tania Giguere
Published by Tania Giguere
Published Date: December 11, 2020
Paperback: $7.99
About the Author
Tania Giguere grew up in Michigan and started writing in her middle school years and continued throughout high school. Tania realized that when she wrote, it would bring life to the pages that were empty. Now with her years of writing, Tania Giguere has written several children’s books, young adult fiction coloring books to ease the soul and her love of poetry published with Eber & Wein. Also for inclusion in World of Poetry’s 1992 Edition of Who’s Who In Poetry and Our World’s Most Treasured Poems 1991.

Pearson Media Group Offers to sponsor Tom Shipley’s work

Pearson Media Group has long helped independent authors in transforming their dreams into reality since 1990 by spontaneously catching up to the ever-evolving standards in the film industry. Their hard work has been getting them to the path of success over the last three decades and now, they plan to take on new challenges and continuously work with top cinematographers in bringing various authors’ laudable works, such as this one, to television screens.
Tom Shipley is an experienced electrical engineer in General Electric Company from 1950 to 1965. In his engineering days, writing about evolving technology and industrial automation activities was a must.  With the wisdom he obtained about the world, he is now sharing his realizations with the reader, by writing this book in a clear and informative way. So much so that even the non-scientific literate can understand.
“Man-Made Global Warming?: It’s Foolishness in Words That All Can Understand” is about the author’s findings on Global Warming supported by factual data of this planet from the past years to the present. Whether humans try to lessen the excretion of carbon dioxide (CO2), plant more trees, be environment-friendly, Tom Shipley believes that the world will still continue to experience rapid climate change.
“You tend to believe in what was being taught by the so-called ‘experts’ about Global Warming, it is time to see what’s behind all of it.” Grab your copy of Tom Shipley’s informative book and see truths unfurl before you.
“Man-Made Global Warming?: It’s Foolishness in Words That All Can Understand”
Written by Tom Shipley
Published by Stratton Press
Published Date: August 27, 2019
Paperback: $7.18
About the Author
Thomas Shipley Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who’s Who. Thomas Shipley has been endorsed by Marquis Who’s Who, as a leader in his industry. He worked as an electrical engineer in General Electric Company during 1950- 1965.

Pearson Media Group Grants Sponsorship to Siafa B. Neal’s Winning Potentiality

Pearson Media Group is known for constantly coming up with impressive and awe-inspiring outputs. Over the years, they have built a solid reputation in the industry for creating and distributing innovative, revolutionary concept. They plan to take on new heights in 2021 by working with top cinematographers in bringing various authors’ excellent works to television screens.
Neal proves how this mere chess game can be a learning aid to explain why an individual responds with particular behavioral patterns to certain circumstances if an advantage is present. Conversely, this book is a fresh and smart technique of utilizing common anthropological societies’ concepts to understand chess.
The book dives into different types of players and playing techniques. It raises the awareness of the imperative notion of chess players who either play with compassion or with a passion. In “Advance Chess,” a much more impressive idea being offered is using the quality of play tactics without prejudice over winning or losing a match. Together with the other thought-provoking theories, this idea may provide a substantial report of the factors underlying human behavior characteristics.

Neal’s inferential take of this topic can be a fun discussion opener. Additionally, chess players can use it for developing logical strategic abilities.
“Advance Chess: Extrapolative Insights Of The Double Set Game: Matrix Logistics Poly-Plextics Informatics”
Written by Siafa B. Neal
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published Date: February 8, 2016
Paperback: $33.00
About the Author
Siafa B. Neal is a Grand-Master / Founder / Inventor / Instructor / Author / Artist / Designer – Advance 3-D Model Matrix Vector Logistics Chess.