The Urban Network & Music Industry Quarterly Magazine Reemerge

Long-running industry conference and print trade publication, have rebranded to service the music community

LOS ANGELESMarch 17, 2022PRLog — The Urban Network and Music Industry Quarterly (MIQ) magazine, two of the most respected and long-running industry conferences and print trade publications, have regrouped and rebranded to service the music community.

The announcement was made by David A. Mitchell, Publisher of MIQ and President of The Urban Network; and Lindsay M. Guion, President of MIQ, Chairman and CEO of The Urban Network, and Founder of Guion Partners.

“We are very excited about this new, rebranded venture,” said Guion. “Both The Urban Network and MIQ are legacy brands that remain relevant. MIQ will continue to keep its readers informed about important topics and issues in the music industry. It will include more visual content and offer more interviews with influencers, high-ranking executives, and music creatives.”

Guion continued, “During its first year back, The Urban Network will stay true to its name by organizing networking events, namely an R&B Summit and Conference scheduled for the Fall. One of The Urban Network’s objectives is to quickly become a full-service brand that caters to the entertainment business and is relevant from a cultural and lifestyle perspective—fashion, film, television, sports, and more.”

This is a return to the fold for Mitchell, who said, “The past year has been quite challenging for me. I’ve dealt with some personal health challenges. I was a full-time caregiver and lost my mother. Sometimes life throws you a curveball, and you have to put things on hold. I’m excited to partner up with Lindsay and venture into this new era for both The Urban Network and Music Industry Quarterly.”

MIQ’s editorial calendar has print issues slated for June (Black Music Month edition), September (R&B Summit edition), and December (annual songwriter/producer and music publisher edition).

About The Urban Network and Music Industry Quarterly

The Urban Network was launched in 1988, primarily as a music trade magazine and conference. Under its presidents, the late Jerry Boulding and Miller London, the brand was a dominant and well-supported platform, sponsored and endorsed by major and independent record companies, urban radio and retail, publishing companies, DJs, A&Rs, artist managers, attorneys, and numerous industry insiders. Thanks to Arthur Mitchell, the conference continued to run under the banner of The Urban Network Digital until 2018. David Mitchell launched MIQ back in 2009, picking up where The Urban Network publication left off. Over his 35-year music industry tenure, he has co-produced the Music Conferences and interviewed hundreds of the industry’s most important figures, including Jon Platt, L. A. Reid, Cathy Hughes, Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder, LL Cool J, HER, and Kendrick Lamar.

About Guion Partners

Founded in 2005, Guion Partners is a representation entity created by music industry executive Lindsay Guion to act as a global, 360-degree representation firm. With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, Guion has worked with all sorts of artists and individuals, such as D’Angelo, Ginuwine, Mya, singer-songwriter CJ Hilton, and producer Rich Harrison, to name a few. Guion Partners’ recent projects include the management and oversight of the soundtrack for the multi-award-winning short film Therapy (Sony).


David Mitchell, 310.770.2495

Lindsay Guion, 646.340.5000


TVS Light Running The Smith Family Marathon on WatchYour.TV Powered by Tulix Streaming TV Platform

 TVS Light, the 24/7 streaming family oriented channel from TVS, has added The Smith Family Marathon to the schedule for Winter 2022. The “lost” family show stars Henry Fonda and a teenage Ron Howard. The TVS Micro Channel appears on the WatvhYour.TV platform, powered by Tulix. Via apps from Amazon, Google, ROKU, Apple, and Web TV, the show can be seen on all Mobile and IPTV devices, as well as on Smart TVs in 85% of TV homes in the USA.

There are six TVS Micro Channels on the TVS Kids + Family bundle. Others include TVS Pet Parade Network, TVS Tel Ra Network, TVS Family Network, TVS Pinball Network, and TVS Today Home Entertainment Network. Other TVS six channel bundles on the WatchYour.TV platform include TVS Sports Networks, TVS Classic TV Networks, TVS Classic Movie Networks, TVS Lifestyle Networks, and TVS Home Shopping Networks.

Other shows on the TVS Light include Lassie, Room 222, Mary Tyler Moore, Family, Andy Griffith, Make Room For Daddy, Ozzie and Harriet and My World + Welcome To It.

All TVS programming is ad supported and free to view. TVS AdSales.Com, headed by Jerry Wolff, handles all TVS sponsorship opportunities. TVS AdSales.Com is located in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Miami.

TVS Television Network was founded in 1960 and is the fourth oldest broadcast TV network in the USA. TVS has produced and distributed thousands of national TV shows on broadcast, cable, OTT, IPTV, Mobile, PPV and home video platforms.

TVS Television Network

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Hoopis Performance Network (HPN) & Financial Services Educational Network (FSEdNet) announce merger

Hoopis Performance Network (HPN) and Financial Services Educational Network (FSEdNet) announce that they are merging to create the largest digital content organization for financial services in the world.

NORTHFIELD, Ill.Feb. 15, 2022PRLog — Merger creates the largest content library in the world for the financial services industry.

Hoopis Performance Network (HPN) and Financial Services Educational Network (FSEdNet) announce that they are merging to create the largest digital content organization for financial services in the world. This is a huge announcement as the interest and utilization of digital learning has accelerated 5+ years into the future due to the pandemic. “We’re proud HPN has been a leader in digital learning for over a decade. The Covid pandemic has catapulted the need for online learning 5-10 years into the future. The timing of the HPN/FSEdNet merger is perfect and will allow us to expand our impact with clients moving forward”, said Joey Davenport, President of HPN.

While both organizations have provided digital learning and development over the past decade, both organization’s content libraries are extremely complimentary.

​​Richard Cleary, President of FSEdNet stated, “FSEdNet has always been in the forefront of delivering the education and knowledge necessary in building successful careers in the financial services industry for producers, management, staff, and employees. Now, combined with HPN’s unique skill development and execution methodology we have truly become the total package in delivering a turnkey solution for the field forces and home offices of today’s companies.”

FSEdNet’s content focuses on the education and knowledge of financial professionals – referred to as “The Science.” HPN’s content focuses on skills, best practices and execution from the top experts and practitioners in financial services – referred to as “The Art.” This combination of the art and science delivers the complete package of digital learning and development to help financial professionals increase their knowledge and skills.

“With our company serving over 50 companies in 25 countries, we are now the leader in Financial Services training content with nearly 3,000 videos. Our content is in several languages including English, Spanish, French Canadian, Mandarin and more. Together our merged organization can serve every training need the industry has and do it in a cost saving way. Licensing content is a far better solution financially than building it. We are excited about the possibilities and we are ready to serve”, said Harry Hoopis, CEO of HPN. Learn more about the merger by visiting

About Hoopis Performance Network (HPN)

For more than a decade, Hoopis Performance Network has been a global leader in providing digital sales and leadership development learning solutions. HPN’s digital resources are designed to increase productivity and retention. In addition, they are scalable and customizable, depending on your organization’s virtual learning and development needs. Visit HPN at

About Financial Services Educational Network (FSEdNet)

FSEdNet provides the resources of understanding to Launch, Retool or Grow a Practice in the Financial Services Industry. FSEdNet is a web-based video platform designed to deliver maximum impact on developing the skills, habits and confidences of producers and staff by establishing processes and core understandings of the products, services and life experiences that prospects and clients face.

Hush Network Launches Decentralized Entertainment Platform

The entertainment industry for mature audiences is rife with problems for both entertainers and consumers. The most cited obstacles are industry monopolization, low pay for entertainers and lack of privacy for consumers. As a result, both entertainers and consumers are leaving well-known adult platforms in search of better solutions. For people who have turned this form of entertainment into a craft that they can earn a good living from, working for a platform where they are compensated fairly is important. Consumers also care about their favourite performers’ wellbeing as well as their own privacy. It’s not surprising, then, that the platforms with reputations for underpaying their entertainers as well as those that collect personal data from consumers are losing the most.

The team at Hush Network understands these problems all too well. In an effort to transform the adult entertainment industry and make it more accessible, they’ve developed a solution for everyone: a tokenized system of payment combined with a decentralized platform.

How Hush Network was born

The team behind Hush Network built their collection of platforms as a solution to the issues that have stifled the growth of the entertainment industry for mature audiences. While developing this solution, they also wanted to take advantage of the increasing demand for cryptocurrency. The result was a series of platforms that provide solutions to the problems plaguing the adult entertainment industry. For starters, the Hush Network team built an operational non-fungible token (NFT) platform,, and a live-streaming platform ( What’s more this team has launched a native token built with 100% anonymity for consumers. 

What problems is Hush Network solving?

  1. Lack of anonymity/privacy

Since traditional adult entertainment platforms only accept credit card or PayPal as forms of payment, your bank statement or receipt shows exactly what you paid for. On the other hand, cryptocurrency provides anonymity and privacy when you make purchases. By using Hush Network’s native token, you can say goodbye to naughty bank statements or getting in trouble with the wife. 

  1. Low fees for creators

At big platforms like OnlyFans and Chaturbate, creators lose over 20% of their profits as fees. The losses are even greater at platforms like PornHub, where creators have lost up to 70% of their revenue because of high fees combined with chargebacks. Hush Network is committed to paying each creator fairly for the content they produce. In fact, the stars have many avenues through which they can monetize their content with the lowest fees in the market. At Hush Network, creators receive 95% of their money and they can take advantage of the option of earning royalties. Beyond that, the team at Hush Network guarantees creators 100% of their tips. 

  1. Chargebacks

Consumers of adult entertainment content are notorious for calling their banks and reversing the charges to their credit cards after the fact. Most of the time, these consumers claim they were a victim of fraud so that they can get their money back after they’ve already consumed the content. Others get suspicious when the name that shows up on their credit card is different from the place they remember getting their content from. This suspicion isn’t surprising, since the adult entertainment industry has a reputation for using businesses as fronts for illegal activities. However, a more common cause for this kind of behaviour is the consumer’s desire to conceal the fact that they consume adult content from family and friends.

When consumers call their bank or credit card company to file any of the complaints highlighted above, nine times out of ten the consumers receive a refund. As a result, both the company that sold them adult content and the creators themselves lose money. Hush Network has solved this problem by building platforms that run on cryptocurrency. Since everything at Hush Network is decentralized and consumers must authorize their wallets to complete transactions, there are no risks of chargebacks.

  1. Content bans

Hush Network has created a token that consumers then use to pay for the content on their platforms. This is a great solution for consumers whose credit card companies or banks have placed bans on adult content. For example, MasterCard and Visa have been prohibiting spending on adult content, making it that much harder for consumers to access this content. 

Moreover, with a decentralized platform like Hush Network, creators need not worry about being locked out unfairly. Entertainers who are affected by restrictions on other platforms such as the ones OnlyFans tried to put in place earlier this year now have options.

  1. Monopolization of the market

While there are many adult entertainment platforms out there, they’re all owned by a handful of corporations. This makes the previous issues that much worse. After all, frustrated creators and consumers usually don’t have much choice over the platforms they use for producing and streaming content respectively. Monopolization of the market has resulted in a situation where the previous problems have actually become the norm, much to the disappointment of everyone but the parties behind the monopoly. 

By building an alternative to traditional adult entertainment platforms – one that is more democratic and rewarding – Hush Network is in a position to transform the industry dramatically.

How Hush Network works

The Hush Network platforms run on a 100% decentralized deflationary token that guarantees anonymity for token holders. Transactions operate on the Binance Smart Chain network – these transactions are both affordable and fast. Creators can upload NFTs to the marketplace. Hush Network’s live streaming platform, HushLive, has also launched recently. Since Hush Network’s native token is the only currency accepted on their platforms, they’ve also built a token swapping platform where people can purchase the token directly. 

The native token at Hush Network works so well because it has continuous utility on all their platforms. Consumers have to use this token to purchase content on the Hush Network platforms, thus providing continuous demand for the token. While other competitors have launched native tokens of their own, they also make the mistake of providing consumers with alternative ways of purchasing their content. For example, many platforms will allow you to use altcoins to purchase their content. As a result, the native token eventually becomes redundant. Hush Network also offers alternative payment methods, but they have smart contracts in place to convert any external methods of payment into their native token. This way, their token remains in high volume of trade and has continuous utility on their platforms. Ultimately, this model helps the value of the token to keep growing.

Why Hush Network?

Whether you’re looking for a less frustrating way to produce or consume adult content, Hush Network might be just what you need. The Hush Network team is determined to revolutionize the adult industry by offering solutions for chargebacks, privacy and anonymity. Most importantly, Hush Network is dedicated to creating safe 100% decentralized platforms where content creators can thrive legally without the threat of content removal or control. 

Curious about Hush Network? You can find out more here.


International Lawyers Network Wins Global Law Firm Network of the Year

The International Lawyers Network has won Global Law Firm Network of the Year during The Lawyer European Awards 2021.

The Lawyer European Awards was established as a first-of-its-kind initiative to reward and celebrate excellence across the European legal market. Of the ILN, the judges said, “Great focus on diversity, budget planning and cross-border collaboration,” as well as “Admire the self-awareness leading to a governance restructure. Has responded well to the pandemic and its ‘success’ rates speak for themselves.”

Executive Director, Lindsay Griffiths said, “We are elated to be honored by The Lawyer with this award. We’d like to thank both The Lawyer and the judges for selecting us from among such a prestigious group of finalists and we are especially grateful to our members, whose hard work and dedication to the Network during this challenging year have made this possible. Our sincere congratulations to all the finalists and winners.”

About the ILN
The ILN is a non-exclusive network of high-quality mid-sized law firms, which operates to create a global platform in the provision of legal services, particularly for clients with international needs. With a presence in 67 countries, it is exceptionally well placed to offer seamless legal services, often of a cross-border nature from like-minded and quality legal practices. In 2021, the ILN was honored as Global Law Firm Network of the Year by The Lawyer European Awards, and in 2016 and 2017, they were shortlisted as Global Law Firm Network of the Year. Since 2011, the Network has been listed as a Chambers & Partners Leading Law Firm Network, recently increasing this ranking to be included in the top two percent of law firm networks globally. Today, the ILN remains at the very forefront of legal networks in its reach, capability, and depth of expertise.