2002-2022: Christian Le Squer Celebrates 20 Years of Excellence with a Menu at Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris Starring His Most Emblematic Dishes

Having retained his three-star rating in the Michelin Guide France 2022, Christian Le Squer is now part of a tight-knit group of chefs considered the very best in their field for more than twenty years

Paris, France – WEBWIRE

In 2002, Christian Le Squer was awarded with three Michelin stars for the very first time, the highest ranking awarded by the famous anonymous inspectors. The chef has consistently excelled over the years, and, this year, celebrates his 20th year with a three-star rating. This is a rare accolade, as fewer than ten chefs in the world have been honoured with three Michelin stars for twenty consecutive years.

To celebrate twenty years of excellence, Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris has crafted an exceptional gastronomic experience starring the chef’s signature dishes. Served in the majestic setting of Le Cinq Restaurant, the dishes are paired with a selection of some of the world’s finest wines selected by Eric Beaumard, ranked second best sommelier in the world.

“I am delighted to be able to express the essence of my cuisine through a menu starring the most emblematic creations of my career. Elegant and contemporary, my cuisine seeks to make the most of top-quality ingredients by bringing out their true flavours, combining my Breton roots and my love for the City of Lights,” explains Le Squer.

A contemporary take on Gratinated Onions will be the first delectable dish to tickle the taste buds. The creation is particularly dear to Le Squer as it was the first dish he crafted when he took the helm of Le Cinq Restaurant. Wanting to show that gourmet cuisine goes hand in hand with simplicity, the chef decided to put a twist on this flagship dish of Parisian bistronomy. With its delicate spheres that burst in the mouth, the chef’s Gratinated Onions tickle the palate with rich flavours.

To follow is Langoustine with Warm Mayonnaise and Crunchy Buckwheat Pancake, a nod to the chef’s Breton roots – it was in fact aboard a boat that Le Squer began his career as a chef. Born in Ria d’Etel, Christian Le Squer created this dish as a tribute to his native Brittany. The langoustines are stiffened to preserve their deepest flavours and are accompanied by an emulsified mayonnaise designed to bring out the true aroma of the shellfish. An exquisite buckwheat pancake with deliciously crunchy notes completes the dish, a mischievous nod to the chef’s Breton roots.

The chef’s Line-Caught Sea Bass with Caviar and Buttermilk is recreated out of childhood memories. Elegant and sophisticated, this seasonal dish is an ode to the long days spent fishing in the ocean. Le Squer evokes the memory of the sea, with a generous caviar quenelle with radiant notes of salt enhanced by buttermilk, an ingredient much used and loved in Breton cuisine.

Guests will discover Lightly Smoked Eel from the Somme, served with chargrilled bread and grape reduction, a dish the chef created with a young junior chef from Picardy in the year 2000. This bold and daring culinary creation challenges the traditional codes of gourmet cooking: Le Squer serves this delectable fish main after a meat dish, pairing it with a red wine with a scarlet colour and strong tannins.

The powerful and smoky notes of eel are followed by one of the chef’s most loved dishes. Served with bacon and topped with bechamel sauce, his Ham, Mushroom and Truffle Spaghetti dish is a tribute to the pasta gratin that his mother used to lovingly prepare on Wednesdays. The chef takes a unique twist on the dish, offering diners a gourmet version featuring truffle and gold leaf timbale.

To round off the meal are a selection of indulgent dishes that will tantalise the tastebuds of sweet tooths. The chef’s Dairy Iced is one his most iconic desserts, recalling the yeasty taste of unbaked cake batter that he so loved as a child. The Crunchy Grapefruit seduces with its refreshing flavours and textures, while the Iced Dark Chocolate with Roasted Peanuts and Carambar is a deliciously indulgent treat.

The nine-course 20 Years of Excellence menu is priced at EUR 480 per person (wine pairing from EUR 320 per person). For reservations, contact Le Cinq Restaurant by phone (+33 1 49 52 71 54) or by e-mail lecinq.par@fourseasons.com.

Christian Writer Encourages Readers to Walk By Faith, Not By Sight

How do you resist temptations and win God’s grace despite this materialistic world?

Philadelphia, PA, United States – WEBWIRE

Learning to say no to sin and temptation is the bedrock of all Christian teachings. And in living out a just, essential Christian life must begin with the right, proper instructions and understanding of the Scriptures.

A heartfelt Christian self-help book entitled ‘How to Say “NO” to Sin God’s Way: The Book of Romans Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8’ opens the idea of helping Born Again Christians and other alike Christian dominions to redeem God’s grace. According to the author Fletcher Chambliss, Jr., a Christian’s resistance against manly temptations requires a deeper inquiry of the Bible’s wisdom and how it can be applied through everyday life.

The book is a reader’s guide in establishing a solid perspective on the concepts of sin and temptation, eternal life, and faith through the principles found in the Bible, specifically in chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the Book of Romans. Through fortified years in his service on Christian preaching, the author offered his insights of the book, saying that “the scriptures of this book will tell you what to do and should draw you closer to God and Christ and help you have victory over the sin in your life.”

Fletcher Chambliss, Jr., is a devoted Christian and volunteer at a homeless ministry at his church in Lithonia, Georgia. He attended Florida A&M University (FAMU) in Tallahassee, Florida. Chambliss worked in the IRS, over-the-road trucking, and banking following a diverse career.

Follow God’s mission by walking by faith, not by sight through this book.

As a publishing company advocating for humanitarian causes, Rare Books Media endorses this project to the American Foundation for the Blind, in celebration of the latter’s 100th anniversary. Rare Books Media recommends this book for audiobook availability to allow the blind and other persons with disabilities to access such beautiful stories worth sharing.

How to Say “NO” to Sin God’s Way: The Book of Romans Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8

by Fletcher Chambliss, Jr.

Paperback | $9.99

Kindle | $3.99

ISBN: 978-1733154000

Book copies are available at Amazon, Audible, and other online book retailers.

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Hong Kong – United Christian Hospital makes public appeal to help locate missing patient

United Christian Hospital makes public appeal to help locate missing patient


The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:

     The spokesman for the United Christian Hospital (UCH) made the following appeal today (February 11) regarding a patient leaving the hospital without notifying hospital staff:


     A 28-year-old female patient was found to have left the surgical ward at UCH without notifying hospital staff at around 9pm last night (February 10).


     Upon departure of the patient without prior notice, security guards were deployed to search for the patient within the hospital compound and the vicinity. The hospital also reported to the police for assistance. The hospital is very concerned about the incident and will fully co-operate with police to locate the patient.


     The patient is about 1.55 meters tall, thin, with long, gold and brown hair. According to CCTV footage, she was wearing a white T-shirt, denim jacket and grey trousers when she left the ward.


     The hospital appeals to the public to contact the police or the hospital hotline at 3949 4002 if they know the whereabouts of the patient.

LaTribuna Christian Publishing Announces, “From Junky to Jesus”

Chaplain Paul Vescio was quoted saying, “From Junky to Jesus is a collection of poems, stories, and writings written by Pastor Shon Karna in 2001 while he was an inmate in an Oregon state prison. Pastor Shon who is now in his 50s is a dear Brother in Christ whom I highly respect and is currently a patient in the healthcare facility where I serve as a Volunteer Community Chaplain. Pastor Shon is a mighty man of God and a shining example of what a true follower of Christ is. Pastor Shon suffers dearly each day and with covid19 policies he was unable to have visits by his loved ones for over a year. Pastor Shon always tells all those he comes in contact with, Jesus Loves you and so do I.”

Pastor Shon was quoted saying, “There was a day and a time early in the evening when I was in my prison cell and I literally felt a hand or something pushing my face down to the floor. After that I knew after being already saved in County Jail that the Lord expected and wanted more of me, so I enrolled in classes to get an Associate’s Degree in Christian Counseling. While I was in prison the Lord would give me thought after thought which I knew I had to get on paper and as these thoughts would come and they didn’t come all at once, they would come one every couple of days or so, that over time had accumulated into a collection. Well, I had to go back and see just how many of them I had written and I knew at that point I had to do something which is exactly what I did, I got a hold of a Christian publisher who because I was in prison offered to publish my works for free.

“It is therefore my sincere hope and prayer that whoever reads this illuminating Christian book of poems and writings will come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ all for themselves.”

Chaplain Paul was also quoted saying, “Pastor Shon gave me a copy of his writings and we worked together in order to republish his uplifting works on Amazon as an e-book. “From Junky to Jesus” is free to Amazon Prime Members.

“It was an absolute honor and a privilege in helping my friend and Brother in Christ to accomplish this project for the glory of God. All the proceeds from the sale of this e-book will be going to Pastor Shon, please keep him and his family in your prayers. Pastor Shon’s book along with a variety of other books are free as a PDF file on the Miracles of Kingman website and is free to Amazon Prime Members.”

LaTribuna Christian Publishing encourages acts of kindness, compassion, and love towards others, for more information please visit their websites.

LaTribuna Christian Publishing
CEO Chaplain Paul Vescio