Chimp&z Inc Worldwide Launches New Offices in New York and Toronto

Merge Infinity Global’s first startup-turned-independent digital advertising services and products agency, Chimp&z Inc has announced its global expansion in New York City and Toronto. This move will enable the agency to accelerate growth by widening the scope to build their international clientele and cater to partners on their roster from the American market.


The pulse of Chimp&z Inc, India’s leading full-service advertising agency with 240+ team members, is to go beyond its initial instincts and evolve to deliver impeccable marketing strategies for its international partner brands. Over the years, the agency has grown manifolds by partnering with international brands such as UNICEF, Discovery Channel, BODOG, DHL, Mondelez International, Animal Planet India, FCUK, Nivea, Acetute Learning, MG Motors, MyGlamm, Tata Sky & Kara Water NY. This expansion will ease the process of penetrating the American market with services like Digital Integration, MarTech Solutions, and Performance Marketing for the global clientele. Chimp&z Inc has also established another ROI-driven social media agency for the growth stage brands & startups called Yellophant Digital in 2020.


Under the leadership of Lavinn Rajpal, the independent agency will immediately undertake efforts to hire a full-stack agency structure and release open positions for talents across technology, digital marketing, creative, and design verticals in New York and Toronto offices.


After establishing itself as one of the fastest-growing agencies in India, the company is looking at global expansions with the new offices. In the words of the founders, Lavinn Rajpal and Angad Singh Manchanda“The New York and Toronto expansion is aligned with our ambition to rise above the realm of possibility. We aim to create a truly global entity with a diverse team of professionals to bring the true power of integrated marketing to our partner brands. And what better cities to begin this journey with, than the truly vibrant & multicultural metros, New York and Toronto! With these two offices, we intend to work with brands across the spectrum with a specific focus on lifestyle and luxury brands, which has been our forte in India. The sheer magnitude of this market will provide enormous scope for our creative & tech services.”

Mad Influence goes all out with their rendition of the iconic Bella Ciao in Indian style

Mad Influence, one of India’s best social media influencer marketing agencies, went for a campaign, amplifying the release of the last season of Money Heist with an Indian element. The creators performed to the collaborative beats of Bella Ciao, featuring Dhol Tasha.

Amazing work performances by Aadil Khan and Eshhanya Maheswari were no less active in delivering the expected outcome. A great dance performance was done by these great creators. As popular influencers and creators, they have been a privilege for Mad Influence. This music video was rehearsed and shot on the very same day by these popular creators. Influencers like Kritika Sharma and Ishpreet Dang also performed.

The pre-buzz activities, powered by Netflix India, were aired digitally. There was a collaborative video that required the makers to practise and shoot it on the same day. In addition, each of the 10 creators received equal screen time and digital presence. The very popular and people’s choice, Instagram, was chosen as a platform to showcase the music video. The Netflix India Official Page posted the video. In addition, all of the influencers and creators involved took the opportunity to publish a reel filmed on the same day on the same platform.

“We are pleased and content with the tribute we have paid to Money Heist, and it was more enjoyable when it got an Indian flavour. We’ll be back with even more incredible initiatives in the future, and I’m confident it’ll be a one-of-a-kind event with even more to offer, “said Gautam Madhavan, CEO of Mad Influence.

Filmfare Awards South 2019-2021 announced

Filmfare Awards South- the most sought-after awards honouring cinematic excellence from South India is back with its 2019-2021 edition. This year, the awards night promises to double the excitement as the Filmfare Awards South celebrations will be spread over two consecutive nights- once exclusive night reserved each for movies released in 2019 and 2020-2021.


As the popularity of the Film industries down south grew, Filmfare widened its sphere to include artistic and technical excellence from Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada films. While the thought of winning a Black Lady has been alluring ever since its inception in 1954, the Filmfare Awards South became an independent event in 1972. The event has become bigger and more successful with each passing year and the association with Kamar Film Factory is a testimony of Filmfare’s commitment to the South film industry.


Talking about the upcoming edition of the awards, Deepak Lamba, CEO of Worldwide Media, said, “The Filmfare Awards South have become the most prominent awards given for Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada films in India. The grandeur associated with the platform has inspired every artiste of the South Indian Film fraternity to display their camaraderie and showmanship at the awards night. The upcoming edition of the Filmfare Awards South promises to be bigger and better than ever and we are happy to associate with a leading name in the South Indian film industry, Kamar Film Factory. We look forward to a fruitful association and celebrating the talent together.


Jitesh Pillaai, Editor, Filmfare added, “The Filmfare Awards South night is a special one- with the best performances felicitated and the several foot-tapping numbers performed during the ceremony. It is a riot of vibrant colour, thumping music and excited fans as they see their favourite stars take the stage by storm.”


Mr. Kamar, Founder, Kamar Film Factory said, “There are no two ways about it- Filmfare Awards South is one of the most awaited events in the entertainment circuit of South India. It was dearly missed last year, but we’re excited that this time it is spread over two days, giving every release from 2019 to 2021 a chance to win the recognition they deserve. I’m eagerly looking forward to this.”


Pan-India star Pooja Hedge added, “For anyone in the entertainment industry, a Filmfare Award is always an aspiration and also a huge inspiration to keep doing better work. I’m truly grateful to Filmfare Awards South for encouraging all of us to break out of the ordinary and deliver stellar performances for the audience.”


The Filmfare Awards South Press conference was also graced by veteran actress Tara Anuradha.


Filmfare Awards South 2019-2021 welcomes Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films released in 2019, 2020 and 2021, respectively. The award ceremony will be held in Bangalore in March 2022.




Lokal, the hyperlocal social media platform, expands operations to Gujarat

Lokal, a hyperlocal social media platform focused around community updates, jobs, matrimonial, real estate, and classifieds, today announced its entry into Gujarat. The application will provide hyper-local solutions in Gujarati and has already witnessed a significant number of active users across 33 districts of the state.

In the journey to make the internet meaningful for tier 2/3 India, this expansion marks an important milestone. Addressing the need for native language platforms, Lokal aims to garner 10 million users within a year. Since Gujarati is one of the most spoken languages, Lokal believes the state will contribute 20% of revenue in the coming quarter.

Founded in 2018, Lokal offers the highest district level density of users, given its focus on smaller geographical areas. It is on a mission to strengthen hyperlocal communities by enabling its users to share, interact, and transact in their native language. The application commenced its operations from Telangana and has been a key catalyst in empowering digital opportunities for tier 2 and tier 3 states of south India. As the state boasts of its increasing number of emerging businesses, Lokal identified Gujarat as their second entry point in the western part of the country.

Lokal is currently operational in 150+ districts across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka Maharashtra and now Gujarat. Lokal is also planning to extend its footprint in the high potential international markets of Southeast Asia.

Commenting on this strategic move, Jani Pasha, Co-founder and CEO of Lokal, said, “Being one of the leaders for commerce in India, we recognize the role local culture, traditions and language has played in fueling society and the households of Gujarat. Our hyperlocal architecture is designed to amplify this very native strength. We intend to empower the people of Gujarat with digital opportunities and encourage them to use the internet meaningfully in Gujarati. We look forward to serving the local needs of this vibrant state and its people.”

Lokal has successfully garnered over 10 million downloads. The application played an instrumental role last year during multiple region-specific lockdowns. It bridged the communication gap with real-time pandemic updates, lockdown measures, and information on the availability of daily commodities. Since an increasing number of users from non-metro cities adopted a digital-first approach via Lokal App, its revenue has increased tenfold year on year and is growing at a 30% month-on-month basis.

TopSocial India announces India’s first Meta-Influencer – ‘Kyra’

TopSocial, one of the leading influencer marketing platform in India, today announced the launch of India’s first Meta-Influencer ‘Kyra’. Following in the footsteps of the previously launched Virtual Influencers like Lil Miquela (, the first Virtual Influencer sensation with over 3 million followers and more recently, Rozy (, South Korea’s first Virtual Influencer who secured over 100 brand endorsements earning close to KRW 854,007 (about INR 6 crore); Kyra is a homegrown virtual influencer who describes herself as a 22-year-old college student and as aspiring model based out of New Delhi. You can follow Kyra’s journey on Instagram @kyraonig and know more about her world.


The launch of ‘Kyra’ will support brands, marketers, and advertisers to engage with their consumers smoothly as the virtual idol maintains a good image and can be more customizable in comparison to their human counterparts. Just a month old on Instagram, she already has over six thousand followers and is growing her audience by the hundreds daily. TopSocial expects her to cross 100,000 followers in a few months which will make her one of the most popular Virtual Influencers online.


Looking beyond the virtual influencer landscape, TopSocial aims to make ‘Kyra’ into an intelligent ‘meta-influencer’ who can think, create, and publish content on her own. A meta influencer can traverse the web for latest trends and help marketers identify what influencer content can work in the future. Incidentally, it also lines up with the latest push of the Metaverse by Silicon Valley which already has seen billions of dollars in funding. Kyra could be one of the first influencers of this new meta reality.


“I did not expect such a great response from the audience this early on. I have already received hundreds of messages in my Instagram DMs.”  said ‘Kyra’ when asked about her following. When asked about her dreams Kyra mentioned, “I wish to become a motivational speaker. I wish to make a difference, and yes, I can’t live a boring life!”


Developed by TopSocial India, the future plans of ‘Kyra’ are much more ambitious. Kyra can be integrated in virtual meta-verses, 3D movies, music videos and so on.


“We want Kyra to go beyond just being a simple CGI character or influencer. She is an independent Meta-Influencer on the web. We are working with partners in AI technology which will enable her to study social media trends online and create content autonomously. We believe that is where the future of virtual influencers and content lies.” Says Himanshu Goel, Business Head at TopSocial India.


“Kyra will be more than just an outlet for brands to showcase their products. We will have a selective approach to identify which brands we want her to associate with. We want her to be a positive force on the web and inspire her Gen-Z counterparts online.” Says George Tharian, Group CEO at Topline Consulting Group, the parent company of TopSocial.

National Geographic India's documentary ‘Rays of Change’: AVAADA Energy brings forth the efforts of preparing one of the world's largest solar plants in India

Solar power, today, has become a key to a clean & carbon-free energy future and highlighting the importance of solar energy and ground-breaking engineering to fulfil the needs of people for sustainable solutions, National Geographic in India is launching a new documentary ‘Rays of Change: AVAADA Energy’. The film, which premieres on December 4, 2021, at 8 pm on National Geographic, will give the viewers a glimpse of the efforts to develop one of the world largest single location Solar Plants.


The film brilliantly captures the monumental effort involved in making one of the largest solar plants in the world, showcasing different project elements and their synergy. It also touches upon the human aspect by underscoring the influence of the project on human lives in the short and long term. From the plant’s planning, land acquisition, engineering innovations, and tackling the construction challenges of this gigantic project, the film covers every aspect of project execution for viewers to understand and appreciate.


“At National Geographic, we endeavour to bring inspirational stories of our nation’s growth and development through insightful and ground-breaking storytelling. The AVAADA Bikaner documentary is yet another attempt to further the knowledge of our viewers and give them a deeper understanding of the marvels around us. It emphasizes the increasing importance of sustainable living as we take viewers on this powerful journey of challenges and a project that is committed to bringing value to the lives of many,” a spokesperson from National Geographic 


“We are all aware of the importance of building a sustainable future for the generations to come, and this is a story of our efforts contributing towards it by building one of the World’s largest solar plants. We wanted to tell our story, and the team at National Geographic beautifully weaved in the narrative with their authentic style of storytelling, which will make for a compelling watch for all viewers,” said Vineet Mittal, Chair, AVAADA


 National Geographic’s upcoming documentary, ‘Rays of Change: AVAADA Solar’, will premiere on December 4, 2021, at 8.00 pm on National Geographic in India.