SEATTLE, June 2, 2023 (

Cheba Hut Seattle-U District is coming to The Ave, bringing dank vibes to the community and to UW students. The cannabis-themed restaurant and bar can’t wait to get the new location open, light the joint up, and be the neighborhood hangout for curing cottonmouth and the munchies. 

Shop owners Doug and Kristin Engerman, Sona Shergill, and Daman Chahil each have had their own special journey with Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs and are ecstatic to have joined forces to bring the second Cheba Hut location to Washington.

As the sole owners of the Bellingham, WA, location, Doug and Kristin Engerman explain, “Since our first meal experience with the brand, we were convinced Cheba Hut needed to open in Washington! We are thrilled with the response and community support to our first shop in Bellingham-Old Town, which opened in July of 2022. We are beyond stoked to open in Seattle’s U-District, and the buzz and excitement have been inspiring!”

Not only will this new location be serving up a variety of dank subs, fluffy pretzel nugs, and sweet goo balls that can cure any level of the munchies, but also, for the 21 and up homies, they’ll be slinging some delicious signature cocktails and local brews from their full bar that will obliterate any presence of cottonmouth.

“The shop features some epic tie-ins to the area that will certainly get the local students stoked!” Daman Chahil states. “The mural, done by the insanely talented Mike Fudge, has me blown away! I think the students will love seeing the Huskies as the main focal point of the mural. The bar is also an area to be highlighted because it just has a nice tucked-away feel with the mural; the overall vibe of the shop is just super dope!”

The Seattle-U District shop owners and their crew understand the importance of Cheba Hut’s Core Values (The Hustle, Show Respect, Own It, Pay It Forward, Keep It Real). The owners agree, “Keeping It Real and The Hustle are the Core Values we would really like to focus on. While serving up some dank toasted subs and fresh experiences to our homies on the Ave, we want our customers and crew to be themselves, original and comfortable – that’s what it’s all about and what makes us unique!”

The shop located at 4730 University Way NE #108 opens its doors on Monday, June 12 at 11 a.m. The brand is stoked to bring over 30 signature “toasted” subs, an array of delicious munchie treats, and cottonmouth cures for all ages (Crafted Cocktails for the 21+ homies) to the Seattle-U District area. 

Mark your calendar and celebrate the shop and its crew. For more information about opening day and upcoming events, check out their Instagram @chebahut_seattleudistrict.

Source: Cheba Hut Franchising