CSD combats illicit activities of persons in custody (with photos)


     The Correctional Services Department (CSD) today (December 9) launched an operation at Tung Tau Correctional Institution to combat illicit activities of persons in custody.

     The management of Tung Tau Correctional Institution has stepped up actions against gambling activities among remand persons in custody in recent months and taken disciplinary actions against those involved. While intelligence revealed that the prevalence of gambling activities within the institution was successfully curbed by the series of actions, some persons in custody were discontented and plotted to reorganise gambling activities for proceeds and incited others to organise collective actions with a view to forcing the institution management to condone gambling activities. The institution management then closely monitored the target persons in custody.

     At 12.30pm today, while there were a total of 61 persons in custody inside the remand dayroom, and 22 of them collectively requested changing to other locations on the pretext of working arrangements at the same time, in an attempt to disrupt the institutional operation. The CSD immediately deployed members of the Regional Response Team, the Security Unit and the Dog Unit to reinforce the frontline staff of Tung Tau Correctional Institution. The aforesaid 22 persons in custody and four persons in custody who were the masterminds of the collective behavior were removed from associating with others, for investigation in order to ensure the security and stability of the institution.

     The CSD is committed to ensuring a safe and secure custodial environment, and will spare no efforts and take every measure to combat any form of illicit activities to ensure the stability of the institution.

     Tung Tau Correctional Institution is a minimum security institution for the detention of male adult remand and convicted persons in custody.