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priceSeries launches low-cost trading software for Canada, India & USA markets.

SUNNYVALE, CA – priceSeries, a leading Algorithmic Trading software leader announces the release of MACDVisor EoD software solution for US, Canadian & Indian Stock Markets.

Our new solution addresses the needs of customers with a regular 9-5 job and want to have additional income with low-risk investments. Most available solutions are complex and expensive, the customer is looking for a simple solution which informs them of stocks to buy, their purchase price, and their sell prices in advance,” said Rajesh Srivastava, Founder & CEO of priceSeries. “Our award-winning Algorithmic solutions predict the selling price with a high level of accuracy”, he added.

A priceSeries customer based in India added, “I used to struggle to become profitable in the stock market. I did not know when to buy and when to sell in the market. By simply following priceSeries, I can buy & sell and make a profit most of the time. I am thankful to priceSeries for making it easier for me to make money”.

Another Canada-based customer said, “My job keeps me fully occupied during the day and often at odd hours. I have a good income but don’t have time to personally manage it. I tried hiring an investment advisor – that also did not work out. I was referred to priceSeries – I was surprised how simple it was for me to manage my own money. I make my trading decisions late at night or when I have time and give instructions to my broker accordingly”.

Our innovation is driven by our customers, their views drive our product development and we know deep in our heart that we cannot go wrong with this strategy”, affirmed Rajesh Srivastava.

MACDVisor EoD solution provides AI-based market analysis for low-risk traders who are looking for a low-cost, simple, and reliable stock market analysis solution. MACDVisor uses MACD as a primary buy and sell trading strategy and combines it with price predictions for highly accurate trading picks,” added Rajesh.

MACD is a very widely used indicator by low-risk traders worldwide. The MACDVisor EoD products are currently available for S&P 500, NSE 500, and TSX 200 stocks and are priced at US$50/Year for each market, making the advice cheaper than what people spend daily on their coffee. These products are updated at 7 PM local time every trading day.

PriceSeries is a stock market algorithmic research company based in Silicon Valley. The company utilizes the latest technological advances to deliver extremely powerful and innovative solutions to its customers worldwide in Capital Markets.

The company has won the CIO Review’s – Top 20 Most Promising Capital Markets Companies and CIO Today’s – Top 10 Algo Trading Solutions Providers distinction and has been a leading player in the stock advisory and market for the last 5 years.




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