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Todd Hemming, the celebrated author of ‘College Predator,’ ‘Serial Shooters: The Rising,’ and ‘What I Have Learned Since 1976,’ this week announced he has published his highly-anticipated and fourth fictional book, West Mesa Killers, on

Based on the killings of 11 women whose remains were found buried in 2009 in the desert on the West Mesa of Albuquerque, New Mexico, West Mesa Killers provides a possible scenario of what might have happened to these women, as well as who were the possible perpetrators behind the heinous crime.

“The West Mesa news story rocked communities around the world, as 11 innocent women were slain at the hands of a still-unsolved mystery,” said Hemming. “Although we don’t know for certain what occurred in that desert, I present a possible scenario that is based on research, experience, and a penchant for creative writing.”

West Mesa Killers provides a dark glimpse of that evil that exists in society, uncovering uncomfortable topics that will challenge readers to think beyond the status quo to consider what lurks outside our home’s four walls.

Hemming is known for writing about unsolved cases and mysteries, earning accolades and adoration for his first three fictional tales. With hobbies that include fishing, lifting weights, traveling, writing, and spending time with his family, Hemming draws on his personal experiences in a lot of his story-lines. Hemming believes it’s important to look at stories and occurrences from every angle, providing his readers with food-for-thought moving forward.

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