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Broadbeach Waters, Queensland: Sweating is a natural body phenomenon. However 5% of the population unfortunately suffer from hyperhidrosis. In other words, they tend to sweat excessively from most commonly their hands, feet and underarms which can be highly irritating and grossly embarrassing at times. Especially, when you’re at the office with colleagues, in a social setting, on a date or even just the frustration of staining a brand new shirt.



It seems such things are a tale of the past– Presenting a revolutionary Australian formula to stop unwanted sweating like never before.


That’s right! Stop Sweat Fix, which is a liquid spray on application, helps the sweat ducts to constrict themselves, thus mitigating perspiration around a particular area.  And guess what, you only need to wear Stop Sweat Fix once a week to keep things under control. Its proprietary active ingredients work for more than seven days after which the skin’s natural way of doing away with the dead cells starts to wear off the effect of the solution.


“There are many who can’t help but sweat excessively, either due to medical conditions like Hyperhidrosis, or anxiety. Either way, it becomes an irritating experience, at times hindering regular work schedules or more importantly, affecting a person’s self esteem to the point where they avoid social interactions. We created Stop Sweat Fix, to help change all that, “says , [title] at [company].


 Many times, in extreme cases, excessive sweating has led people to resort to a variety of treatment options that include a range of Anticholinergic drugs, Iontophoresis (that uses low-level electrical currents to block sweat glands temporarily, as one stays submerged in water), botox, and even surgical remedies to remove the sweat glands. However, all such options carry inherent side effects which in the long run can be detrimental for your skin and body.


With Stop Sweat Fix, you have a chance to control unwanted sweat for up to seven days with just a single application. All you need to do is to maintain a few things before applying Stop Sweat Fix, which includes:


        Cleaning and drying your skin prior to application.         Wipe or rinse off the area after overnight application.          Spray no less than 1-3 times


The revolutionary formula of Stop Sweat Fix is available at an affordable starting price of $34.95.


Additionally, one can receive a discount when they order two Stop Sweat Fix units at just $59.95, fetching you a savings of $9.95, and three units at $74.95, where you can save $29.90.


You can buy directly from the official website through Paypal, Gpay, and Shop pay. 


For more information on [Stop Sweat Fix], visit


About Stop Sweat Fix:  After having experienced excessive sweating personally for years, the Australian founders finally went ahead in developing a game changing formula to help other people that suffer from hyperhidrosis. The founders realise that excessive sweating can be often overlooked by people that don’t suffer from it. However, it is a big issue for everyone who experiences the same day in and out, and they aspire to change this with their revolutionary product. In other words, Stop Sweat Fix is your cue to embrace people with confidence and no longer feel embarrassed to shy away from human contact.