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Isaac Mashman, founder of Mashman Ventures’ in a recently posted YouTube video made a massive announcement, in which he referred to as “the biggest” of his career, as well as that of the firm’s. This announcement, followed by a heartfelt monologue about growth, was that Mashman Ventures brought on nearly a dozen new team members.

From the launch of the company in April 2020 to the beginning of 2021, Isaac Mashman was operating for the most part by himself. Handling branding, marketing, product development, sales and all other avenues of business as a one man team. After re-evaluating his goals and the direction he wanted to take the company, he found it necessary to include others in on his vision.

In a week full of phone calls, texts back and forth and negotiations, Mashman Ventures now has heads of audio, research, sales and video, as well as content creators, graphic designers and marketing representatives. Each member with their own role, Isaac’s idea is to build a media team on the back end, while he continues to build out the front.

With a business model centered around strategy and training, instead of making outward referrals, Mashman Ventures aims to now be able to to offer all additional services someone may need in building their personal brands under its name.