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Dreamers are on high alert now that the pilot is
underway. The APP turned TV show has awakened smiles from all the “Dreamers” that
are getting ready to show off their talent. The pilot episode will be co-hosted by Qil,
Billboard musical artist and DJ, and Hailey Sinclair, daughter of Justine Sinclair,
Founder and CEO of dreamOway.
“We are so thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the pilot episode of
the dreamOway TV Show,” said Justine.

“The dreamOway TV Show is going to be filled with dreamers looking for an
opportunity to make their dreams come true, while we partner them with Dream Makers
and Dream Mentors to help them reach their goals,” added Justine.
dreamOway TV has teamed up with a group of mentors and professionals, from the
award winning casting director, Ellen Jacoby, to fashion icon Alfredo Versace to
create awareness about bullying and how dreamOway is creating opportunities to help
people develop their talents and skills and make an impact in the community. This is
just the beginning of something big and amazing for dreamOway TV Show.
“I was so excited when I received a call from dreamOway to be part of their pilot
episode, that was a dream coming true for me,” said Skylar Storch one of the many
talented dreamers. Bringing opportunities to “Dreamers” is such a rewarding feeling.
dreamOway was created on its founder’s belief that pursuing a passion is a personal
journey that can use the help of mentors along the way. dreamOway is focused on
helping ambitious people fulfill their dreams by opening themselves up to others,
eliminating doubts and potential regrets, and focusing on pursuing their talent and
dreams to reach their ultimate ascending goal.
The dreamOway platform is designed to inspire and promote their users’ goals and
aspirations to make their dreams become a reality,” says Justine.
“Our goal is to inspire others into always following what they believe in and to NEVER
give up,” she adds.
dreamOway is opening its doors to be able to receive more dreamers, mentors, and
sponsors. The dreamOway APP and TV Show are showing promising changes in the
lives of so many, and one of the biggest goals is to expand the horizons and keep doors


“As a single parent, my daughter and I have a unique bond. We rely on each other for
motivation and support. From a young age, she had dreams for the future. I always told her
“tomorrow’s dream can only happen if you start today!” That’s why I started dreamOway. As a
typical teenager, my daughter loves the “mobile” life and connecting to the world around her
through social media. I wanted a platform focused on tomorrow instead of today. A place
where she could chase her dreams – and find others to support her along the way.”
dreamOway is a community of supportive individuals daring to imagine a better tomorrow!
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