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From fashion products to video games, companies are reaching out to content creators to help promote their brand and so far, this marketing route has hit the mother-lode. Mother-lode in the form of significantly higher organic traffic towards the brand’s websites, social media pages, and in turn their products and services. User-generated Content (UGC) has become a trending vital strategy for numerous brands, even start-up companies can find overnight success in the form of traffic if they play their cards right.

Now, what is User-Generated Content (UGC)? UGC can be anything in the form of a photo, video, a podcast, and sometimes a tweet or even reviews put-forth by users of the brand or company, directly showcasing the product and its credibility and boost engagements.

Many content writing services in Pune India are now looking to push their services an extra mile by creating and building partnerships with various consumers of the products and services. Research shows that 84% of the general public trust online reviews, and when they come across UGC content, an immediate trust is built.

When it comes to using this marketing strategy, further research should be done to ensure productive practicality. Getting to know your brand’s users and customers and accordingly choosing which platform to best publish content would be a good pointer to prioritize upon. Once that box is ticked, below are some of the powerful ways a content marketing company in Pune India use UGC:

Appropriate Hashtags

    1. – Hashtags are a brilliant way to direct traffic to your brand. Instagram is the best platform to use hashtags. YouTube has only begun the feature but hooking onto a powerful hashtag can be a great boost. Much better is to create an appropriate hashtag. It could be your brand’s tagline or slogan and ask your users to use those hashtags when posting related content. Create contests using hashtags and keep an eye out for seasonal trends to help boost engagement among users.


    1. – Research shows people tend to trust a consumer review over a brand’s advertising. They feel ads seem to come forth exaggerated and never fulfill what truly the product or service is. Therefore, constantly handing over questionnaires or surveys to your users for reviews or even asking them to put up reviews on forums or social media platforms, builds better engagement.

Creative Content

    – Videos published by users were viewed 10 times more than videos published by the brand’s official pages over on youtube. Videos can be anything from unboxing the product to trying it out, but it is clear that people are more invested in these user-generated videos. Don’t be afraid to ask your users to spice things up when it comes to content. Games, contests, and giveaways are other ways to push for User-generated content.