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According to, 1 in 3 U.S adults have debt in collections, and 71 million adults have debt collections reported in their credit file. It’s sad to say, but after this pandemic, those numbers are predicted to skyrocket. Currently, the majority of the nation is not in a financially secure position – Ms. T. Lane is looking to change that.

In the field of psychology, Self-efficacy is an important construct. It refers to a feeling of being able to deal with a situation effectively (Bandura, 1977). In order to handle this debt collections epidemic, consumers must have the knowledge to handle a debt collector if and when they call. If the numbers from CNN are accurate and 71 million Americans have debt in collections, this means collection agencies are talking to a lot of people. If those 71 million consumers do not know what to say, when to say it and how to say it, unfortunately, they are already on the losing end of the spectrum.

Ms. T. Lane’s latest release, “Secrets the Finance Industry Don’t Want You to Know About,” provides a how-to approach when faced with angry or aggressive collectors. Ms. T. Lane has first-hand knowledge on how to defeat this challenge. She worked as a top collector for more than 15 years for several billion-dollar captive finance companies. Some of which have been the subject of Federal review.

Ms. T. Lane is a subject matter expert on the topic of collections, and she delivers a 1-2 punch combo with her latest release. This book is truth-telling and allows the reader to be a fly on the wall of a collector’s cubical. Ms. T. Lane says, “The finance companies have already figured their losses just in case the loan goes bad. They collect more interest at the beginning of the loan; this way, if the loan goes bad, they have already made their money off you. BIG FINANCE knows this all too well. They have researched how consumers pay, and if it does default, they know exactly when it will occur.”

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