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Predominantly run as a Man’s World for decades, the construction and real estate sector is the second-largest in India after agriculture. However, there has been significant growth in the acceptance of women where they have established their place in every business category of the sector from material management to architecture and from construction to real estate brokerage.

Through numerous discussions and ample research that has been carried out, it has become evident that companies in any sector tend to perform better when there are women seated on senior positions. Their ability to carry a balanced and serene approach along with their natural qualities of empathy and persistence helps them nurture client relations. Over the past 2 decades, the companies that embraced diversity and gave emphasis to ethical standards have been able to attract and pick from a large pool of talent and also provide opportunities for women in bigger roles. On the contrary, the lack of women in senior positions in the real estate industry is also connected to the fact that most of them opt-out too soon.

There is now a need for a robust system to recognize these ladies in the workforce, for others to aspire and join this industry. As the sector moves towards maturity, we need to see more women take on leadership roles in all segments of the construction and real-estate business.

 ‘The Real Women Awards’ is a first of its kind event conceptualized in an effort to recognize these female heroes in the construction industry for their perseverance, potential, skills and expertise. This yearly event aims to recognize the contribution of women as a part of the technical workforce like engineers, architects & designers; contractors, brokers, sales representatives, graphics designers etc. in the Indian construction industry. The event also hosts a range of sessions and classes related to coaching, mentoring and grooming while also being an opportunity to network with like-minded people for growth of business and professional reach.