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If you want to build sturdy muscles and enhance your performance at the gym, whey protein is your best bet. There are many research studies that have shown that whey protein, when consumed alongside resistance training, can help a lot in building and maintaining lean body mass and enhancing the strength of the upper-body.


But, you need to put in a great deal of work at the gym so that whey protein powder can actually help you build sturdy muscles. You can choose any whey protein from whey concentrate, whey isolate, and whey hydrolysate, depending on your fitness goals. Each one of these has its own set of benefits.

However, to achieve a more targeted set of benefits, have a look at this list of some of the best whey protein powders.

10 best whey protein powders 

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Isolate

This is an ultra-filtered whey protein powder that helps in fulfilling your nutritional needs. It is packed with 5.5g BCAAs and 4g glutamic acid and glutamine per serving to enhance muscle recovery, boost immunity, metabolism, and memory. With each serving of this product, you get 24g protein to support lean muscle building. It is a low-fat and sugar-free supplement that helps in losing excess fat. It is available in 2 distinct flavors.

Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensation 93

This whey isolate powder is enriched with alpha-lipoic, d-pinitol, and 4-hydroxy isoleucine to boost the efficacy of insulin and also enhance insulin metabolism. It enhances your immunity and is available in multiple flavors. Each scoop of this protein powder offers 25g protein and 6g BCAAs to boost muscle building and recovery. It is a low-fat and low-carb protein supplement, ideal for all calorie-conscious individuals.

MuscleTech Nitrotech Performance Series

This supplement is the perfect choice to boost muscle strength and build great muscles. It is packed with whey protein peptides and isolates. It is a scientific formula that is packed with high-quality creatine. Each serving of 44g fuels you with 30g protein to support muscle building. Since it is a low-fat supplement, you can use it to achieve a leaner and more muscular physique. Creatine present in this product helps in accelerating the muscle gain process. It helps greatly in fulfilling natural deficiencies in your body.

 MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Isolate

This is an unflavored whey protein powder by MuscleBlaze that helps in building staunch muscles. It delivers 27g protein per serving to support lean muscle building along with 5.96g BCAAs that support muscle protein synthesis, reduce muscle soreness, and delay fatigue. Since it is unflavored, it can be used in a variety of recipes such as pancakes, cakes, dosas, chocolate protein shakes, fruit smoothies, etc. It delivers 90% protein per serving to support your bodybuilding needs. All these features make it the best isolate protein.

Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein

This supplement is a perfect blend of premium quality whey isolate and whey concentrate. It is extremely low on sugar and fats, offering just 1g of both per serving. Each scoop delivers 25g protein along with 6g BCAAs to support muscle building, recovery, weight loss, and muscle strength. It also helps in eliminating excess fats and reduces muscle fatigue.

Isopure Low Carb

As the name suggests, it is a low-carb protein powder that offers pure whey isolate per serving with all-natural ingredients to help you pack on muscles. It contains a blend of soy, wheat, dairy products, tree nuts, and eggs. This product is free from aspartame and is also lactose and gluten-free. It helps in enhancing brain function and concentration. It is also great for boosting immunity. Each scoop delivers 25g protein and you can consume it both pre and post-workout. If you are a vegetarian, you can get the vegetarian version of this product that comes in Toasted Coconut flavor.

As-it-is Nutrition WPC

This is a soy-free whey protein powder that has zero additives and preservatives. It delivers 80% protein content per serving o support your muscle-building goals. With each serving of this whey powder, you get 24g protein and 5.4g of BCAAs. It offers you just 2.5g carbs and 1.5g fats per serving. This product is great for building lean muscles. Since it does not contain any flavors, it offers you the flexibility of consumption. It also helps in enhancing immunity and boosting brain function by supplying you with sufficient protein and nutrients. It is easy to digest.

Dymatize Nutrition Elite 100% Whey

This whey isolate supplement is one of the best in the class. It is a highly efficient protein supplement that helps in enhancing muscular strength. It is packed with leucine that helps in enhancing muscle protein synthesis. It contains zero fat, aspartame, and sucrose. It is an absolutely fast-digesting protein that accelerates the muscle recovery process. It is also instrumental in maintaining a proper balance of all essential and non-essential amino acids. Each serving fuels you with 25g protein with no carbs and fats. This gets absorbed at a faster pace to help you with muscle building and recovery.

MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder

This product is a blend of 5 protein sources, both fast-digesting whey protein and slow-digesting casein protein that helps in boosting muscle growth and recovery and also suppresses post-gym hunger pangs. It helps in keeping you satiated for long, limiting your calorie intake to support weight management. Each serving fuels you with 25g of protein to support muscle building. This is a gluten-free supplement that supports, growth, recovery, and strength.

Pure Protein 100% Whey

This is a high-protein and low-sugar protein supplement that offers just 2g sugar and 9g carbs per serving. It is a low-fat supplement that offers 25g protein with each serving. It is a fast-acting protein powder that helps in supporting lean muscle energy, vitality, and strength. It allows you to lift the fitness bar and serves as an excellent post-workout aid. It helps in building lean muscle and enhances recovery. Available in delectable vanilla flavor, it is truly a fitness buff’s delight.