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Awakening Soul-Mates Basic with Anuritta Bhargavva
16-17th January, 2021

Basic Course

Course Type: Practitioner

Instructor: Anuritta Bhargavva

Duration: Two Day

Mode: Zoom

Pre-requisite : None

Course Highlights: The objective of this seminar is to assist you to explore what it feels like to be loved by another person and soetimes endure an intense longing to have great love in your life. If not, know the deeper meaning of the past, present, and future relationships at a spiritual level.

If you are striving for answers pertaining to soul-mate based relationships in your life, this seminar is truly meant for you. A soul-mate meets to compliment the very existence of you in your own truth of searching your true alignment to look for joy, growth, warmth, togetherness, sharing, and making you meet your own purity. The more spiritual knowledge you have about these connections, the higher you rise above your karma and manifest a connection that truly flows in synch with your divine timing.

Understanding the dynamics of romantic love between two souls at a very spiritual level.
Understanding the inexplicable pull to soeone special.
Understanding our spiritual evolution in term of romantic relationships.
Understanding different levels of soul-mate relationships.
Soul-mate support from different realm other than Earth realm.
15 Types of Soul-Mate Connections.

What is a Great Love?


1. Why Soul-mates
2. Sexuality Spectrum & Love
3. 15 types of Soul-Mates & what they teach us.
4. The divine need for having soeone special, pain, suffering and heart breaks.
5. Types of Karmic love relationships: Runanabandhana, Prarabdha bandhana, Icchit bandhna, Kriyamna Bandhna, Annichit bandhana, Pareccha bandhana, Jivan mukta bandhana and Atman Gyatva Bandhna
6.Signs of a Great Love
7. Romantic blocks on Earth
8. Vimana Bandhna (Other dimensions (Extraterrestrial)
9. Soul-mates & Soul-family
10. Is it necessary to have a soul-mate?
11. All-One-ness
12. Intuitive exercises and blockage removal exercises.
And much more with Romhri
13. The roots, mirroring and meaning of karmic and twin flame relationship
Spiritual significance of having a life-partner.
14. Understanding the all-one-ness.
15. Importance and purpose of a divine companionship on spiritual path.
16. Acknowledging anything in your energy that is preventing you from experiencing the greatest love of your life.
17. How to become a divine team on spiritual path



Workshop Takeaway:
Certificate of Basic Practitioner from AwakeningLove Academy, Workshop Literature
You will become eligible to attend Advanced Course of Awakening Soul Mates
One step forward to become the Instructor of the same course in future.

Know your Facilitator:

Anurita Bhargava is an Official Instructor with AwakeningLove Academy, trained under Romshri the founder of AwakeningLove Academy. Anuritta is currently authorized to teach Intuitive Tarot Reading Basic & Advanced, Awakening Family Bonds Basic & Awakening Soul-Mates Basic.

She is also TASSO graduate from University of Netherlands and certified Hypnotherapist from EKKA Institute, certified Metaphor Therapist & Numerologist .Her spiritual journey began from a very young age She had a keen interest in healing the mankind and after rigorous meditation and practice where she connects beautifully with the Angelic realm she had begun practicing professionally over 19 years for these healing modalities ,which also included REKI, Tarot card reading, Psychic reading (an ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception (ESP). Through her successful healing modalities, she has established herself as one of the prominent Spiritual healers in India and abroad and had transformed lives and Luck of people around Globe.


• National Women Excellence Award – 2020 (India)

• Selected among 50 most influential INDIAN WOMEN worldwide 2019-2020

• National Women Excellence Award – 2019 (India)

• Women of substance – 2019 (Uttar Pradesh, India)

• Prakash Stambh Award – 2019 (Uttar Pradesh, India)

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