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Do you remember those rubber slippers you used to wear at home when you were in high school? Yes, the same ones that your mom won’t let you leave in the house. Actually, you wouldn’t be caught dead in them in public! Ironically enough, those seem to be the most trending slippers this season. More commonly known as sliders, this slide was initially made popular by Adidas, and it can now be seen in every shoe store and on every girl’s foot.
So, why are slides the most trendy types of footwear?
Sliders are generally a pair of flip flops which are made out of rubber with a broad strap at the front half of the foot. But this style is no longer just limited to rubber it is also available in furry slides. Keeping the women fashion slides in mind, banana peel women slides seem to be taking the internet by storm since they’re the most searched on the internet. Some say they’re comfortable, easy to take off and on and they’re airy in summer. So true! But we all know that making a fashion trend go from runway to trending requires a lot of famous personalities wearing it. This brings us to an important point of research as well as even proof that from Hollywood to Hollywood each and every actor or actress prefers to take a comfy look wearing these comfortable sliders. Sliders are the trendiest of all nowadays. And with an increasing time every one of us will be having one.
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