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The washable and reusable masks market is projected to surpass a US$ 4Bn valuation by the end of the projection period in 2030. The airborne nature of the coronavirus, and its high levels of contagiousness has increased the demand for medical and non-medical face masks. Further, the demand for reusable and washable masks are gaining traction owing to the shortages of disposable variants. The washable and reusable masks market is anticipated to surge at a healthy rate through the pandemic.

As per the Fact.MR report, stockpiling and panic buying behavior by consumers is expected to contribute significantly to market revenue during the pandemic. The availability of fashionable product options will also be key to the generation of remunerative opportunities through and after the crisis period.

Washable and reusable masks produced by the fashion industry has gained interest, which will positively impact the industry. While the demand for such products has been on the rise, fluctuations in consumer demand, and competition from alternatives such as scarves and bandanas will limit market growth once the pandemic is brought under control,”Ā says the Fact.MR analyst.

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Washable and Reusable Masks Market – Important Takeaways

  • Washable and reusable surgical mask variants will continue contributing substantially to market revenue, owing to high demand from the healthcare sector.
  • Respirator variants are gaining traction, driven by tech advancements, and awareness about exposure risk to air contaminants.
  • Anti-pollution applications will continue to gain ground owing to rise in urbanization and industrialization.
  • Hospital pharmacies are the primary distribution channel for reusable and washable face masks. However, following the covid-19 outbreak, online channels have gained popularity.
  • North America followed by Europe are the dominant markets for reusable and washable face masks. However, Asia Pacific is rapidly gaining ground owing to low manufacturing costs.

Washable and Reusable Masks Market – Driving Factors

  • High rates of hospital acquired infections, is anticipated to contribute significantly to market growth.
  • Fashion improvements to mask designs by manufacturers provide remunerative opportunities to producers.
  • Cost-effectiveness of reusable and washable masks in comparison to disposable variants supports sales and adoption.
  • Strict workplace health and safety regulations are aiding in the adoption of reusable and washable masks.

Washable and Reusable Masks Market – Leading Constraints

  • Easy availability of substitutes such as bandanas and scarves limit the expansion of the washable and reusable masks market.

Anticipated Market Impact of COVID-19

The high numbers of airborne infectious diseases and the recent coronavirus outbreak have pushed governments around the world to impose lockdowns and stay at home orders. In addition, many governments have also made wearing masks mandatory in public spaces. These factors will contribute substantially to market growth.

In addition, reusable and washable face masks are most cost effective in comparison to the use of disposable options. In addition, the shortage of disposable masks are also supporting the demand for washable options. Demand is likely to gradually decline and reach pre-pandemic levels once the outbreak is brought under control.

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Competition Landscape

Leading producers in the global washable and reusable mask market are Kimberly Clarke Corp., Honeywell International Inc., 3M Company, Cambridge Mask Company, Vogmask, Moldex-Metric Inc., and Debrief Me. Leading fashion houses are capitalizing on the pandemic to introduce their new range of reusable and washable mask products with superior fit and aesthetics. For instance, Levi’s has partnered with Amazon to sell their range of reusable face masks. Similarly, Adidas and Uniqlo have also launched their line of reusable masks in multiple cities.

More on the Report

The FACT.MR’s market research report provides in-depth insights on washable and reusable mask market. The market is scrutinized according to product type (respirator mask, surgical mask, and dust mask), closure (earloop closure and tie closure), function (N-series, and P-series) application (industrial, personal, and medical) and distribution channel (direct sales, indirect sales, and online retail) across six key regions (North America, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia & Oceania, and Middle East and Africa).

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