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Good news for all the folks who’ve been eagerly waiting for the Victoria Skilled Visa Nomination Program. This program is about to open from September, 2020. You all know that this program was closed to curb the spread of the corona virus, however, now, it’s opening for the candidates who want to apply under the Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 and Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa 491.

You all know that the pandemic has juggled the wheels of the economy and has created a wreaking havoc for the entire world. So, in order to cope up with the deadly situation, the state of Victoria is making efforts towards opening its borders, so that economy can be brought back on its track.

Well, Victoria will now be changing the entire system of selecting the candidates who want to apply for the Victoria Visa Nomination. Now, this state will entirely focus on the individuals who’re talented and have the vim and vigour to contribute their sheer efforts towards the state’s economic recovery. These changes have been made to curb the devastation caused by the corona virus.

The Federal Budget will be delivered on October, 2020, till then the state of Victoria has only limited number of visa nomination available. As per the current scenario, Victoria will only run a shorter program targeting the candidates under the subclass 190 and 491 until October 5, 2020.

So, for this period, the main target will be on the ones who’re working in health or medical research and can contribute towards the economic recovery or the health recovery in Victoria.

Take a Tour of Some of the Important Information Prior to Preparing Your Application

To apply under the state visa nomination, you’re required to submit a Registration of Interest for the Victoria state Visa Nomination. Prior to submission of your Registration of Interest, make sure that you update and submit a valid Expression of Interest (EOI) online through the skills select website.

So, to apply for Victoria State Nomination under subclass 190 or 491, you must meet some of the requirements such as:

• You must submit your ROI (Registration of Interest) by 5:00 p.m. AEST September 21, 2020.
• You must be currently residing in Victoria
• You must be employed in Victoria (with minimum 6 months of experience)
• You must work in a highly skilled occupation such as in the field of health or medical research, that in turn will help to recover the state’s economic and health recovery.

You will only be selected if you meet the pre-requisites mentioned above.
Please make sure to apply as early as possible, because there are only limited places of nomination available. So, make sure that you meet all the requirements as this program is highly selective and targets the talented people. For more information, you can visit the website of Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

*Note to Consider: Don’t be confused! Please make sure that the ROI is not an application for the Victorian State Nomination. The state will contact you, if they found that you’re a perfect match for the state. There are no set time frames or processing times for you to get selected. If you got selected, then you need to submit a separate visa nomination application.

So, want to apply under the Skilled nominated visa subclass 190 or skilled work Regional (Provisional) Visa subclass 491 this year? Well, have a look at the above information and apply for the state of Victoria as early as possible. Fill in the free online assessment form and get a call back from one of the best immigration experts as soon as possible. Good Luck!