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Our new report “Elemental Sulphur Market: Global Industry Analysis 2012 – 2016 and Opportunity Assessment, 2017-2027” throws light on the long-term strategies adopted by key players in the global elemental sulphur market. Leading suppliers of elemental sulphur are channelizing efforts towards developing partnerships with end users such as fertiliser manufacturers, in order to better address the demand and specific requirements in the market. Development of long-term partnerships with supply chain participants seems to be a tried and tested strategy adopted by players in this market. According to our analysts, a large part of global elemental sulphur output is obtained as a by-product from oil and gas sources. Efforts on the part of oil & gas producers towards improving efficiency and efficacy of desulphurization have been witnessed in the recent past in order to reduce the overall operational cost and ensure profitability during times of lower selling prices. The APEJ region is a key market that accounts for a large share in the global elemental sulphur market. The market in APEJ is likely to register a relatively high CAGR over the assessment period and is anticipated to represent high growth opportunities in the global elemental sulphur market owing to sustained demand from the growing end-use industries in the region coupled with the shifting of manufacturing bases to China.
We have also observed that GDP growth is estimated to have a moderate impact on market growth, while consumption of fertilisers especially phosphate fertilisers is projected to have a strong impact on the global elemental sulphur market. On a similar note, the production of sulphuric acid, which is the primary application of elemental sulphur is predicted to have a strong impact on market growth. Our report provides a brief information on natural gas that is more efficient and cleaner as compared to conventional fuels such as coal and petroleum products and finds widespread use in industrial and energy related applications.
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Report Description
In this report, we have focussed on highlighting the numerous developments that are likely to take place in the global elemental sulphur market in the coming decade. Our analysts have studied the market extensively and have identified the various drivers, restraints, and trends that are expected to influence the global elemental sulphur market during the forecast period and consequently the business operations of the leading as well as second-in-line players functioning in the global elemental sulphur market. Through extensive research, our analysts have studied how the different market dynamics are likely to impact the current environment and future scenario of the global elemental sulphur market, thereby providing useful insights to market players to plan their differentiating strategies capable of evolving with the changing market landscape.
Research Methodology
We have adopted a systematic research approach while inspecting this market in detail. In-depth secondary research is used to arrive at the overall market size, top industry players, top products and industry associations. Our analysts have formulated a detailed discussion guide in order to conduct expert and in-depth interviews with industry experts, key market players, distributors and retailers. Data thus acquired is validated using the triangulation method, wherein primary and secondary research data along with Future Market Insights’ analysis contributes to the final gathered data. We have also analysed the various companies’ annual reports, investor presentations, SEC filings and press releases extensively to fetch substantial information pertaining to the market size, trends, opportunities, drivers and restraints.
Market Segmentation
Chemical & Petroleum Refining
Rubber & Plastics
Mining & Metallurgy
Paper & Pulp
North America
Latin America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
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