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Since 2007 the team behind A Blog To has focused on the world of watches. Once a small, general interest website, they’ve grown to become one of the highest trafficked watch publications in their space – and that isn’t by mistake. They produce thoughtful, well researched content that is a joy to peruse through whether you’re a die-hard cheap watches nerd or just casually interested in new releases. One of the unexpected joys of A Blog To Watch, though, isn’t the content produced by their writers – but the comment section. Their dedicated readership offers funny, cutting, and sometimes brutal critiques and insight.

blog is a niche within a niche. More a prolific watch store than an independent website, the site features regular updates on auctions, events, and watch releases. While it often touches on watches made by different makers, this blog primarily concerns itself with Rolexes – which is understandable when you realize that the store it is associated with is dedicated to seeing new and vintage Rolex watches. That being said – we still think it is a solid addition to any watch nerd’s media diet.

Designers are constantly on the hunt for inspiration whether that be in fresh pieces of art, or new, innovative products concerned as much with form as they are with function. Sometimes, this hunt for inspiration turns into something of a passion project. Or at least that is the story behind Bulang & Sons. Founded by an ad agency insider, this website is one part shop, one part online watch publication. The publication side of the site concerns itself with all things having to do with high-end timepieces. They don’t publish as often as others on this list, but when they do, their articles always feature striking photographs and detailed write-ups