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August 12, 2020

Due to the current pandemic, we facing many patients suffering from depression that leads to a major cause of Diabetes. One of our Best Diabetologists in India, Dr. Mohan has decided to come up with plenty of Self-care tips and practices not only for Diabetic patients but also for those who suffer from mental distress during this Lockdown or quarantine.

There is nothing to worry about when your immunity level is good. Your only job is to check some signs of diabetes from diabetes specialist or diabetes care online or offline. You can book your appointment now online at for the best doctors for diabetes treatment.

What are those Self-care practices from Dr.Mohan Diabetic Specialist/consultant?
Learn how to control diabetes from the top 3 diabetologists in Chennai:
1. Avoid Refined Sugar or Artificial Sweetener.
Yes, this could be one of the major causes for the rise of blood sugar levels at earlier age itself. Whether you have diabetes or not, but start adding herbal and natural Low Gi sugars.

2. Work Out Regularly.
Our Diabetes consultants said, “Be it a little workout or heavier one, just add to your routine. Exercise increases the insulin sensitivity of your blood cells. So when you exercise, less insulin is necessary to make your blood sugar levels under control.”

3. Avoid Sugary beverages, Instead, Include Diabetic-friendly food Products.
Sugary beverages like soda and punch have been linked to an increased risk of blood sugar level. Sticking to diabetic-friendly drinks will help you a lot, but consult your sugar specialist in Chennai.

4. Quit Smoking.
Smoking has not only been found to cause Diabetes but also cause many serious health conditions such as heart disease, emphysema, and cancers of the lung, breast, prostate, and digestive tract. Instead, consume diabetic-friendly Sweets and chewing gums once getting consulted from Diabetic consultants.

5. Eat a High-Fiber Diet.
Getting plenty of fiber is beneficial for gut health and weight management by reducing blood sugar levels. Eating diabetic-friendly foods and adopting better lifestyle behaviors will promote healthy blood sugar and insulin levels.

Note: Talk to your Best Diabetologists in Chennai, India, anything you start including into your Diabetic treatment or if you taking diabetic medicines.
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