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Finding quality DC-DC Converters is necessary. If you need help, call on the experts at HVM Technology.

Today, the landscape of the small electronics market is changing. Amplifiers are different in many industries. Yet, finding the best one, with so many options available, can be a challenge.

It’s nothing short of a nightmare trying to find the right HVA series (bi-polar, miniature, and zero-crossing high voltage amplifier). You need one that has the capacity to produce a higher voltage (as high as ±6kV), along with a lower voltage programming input. When you are on the lookout for this technology (DC-DC Converters), then you can call on HVM Technology.

The HVA series comes with the dual polarity of high voltage generator (and a high voltage/speed amplifier within a space-saving module). The dimensions are 3.0” L x 1.5” W x 0.5” H, which is pretty small.

The operational value of HVA05XX starts from the 5VDC input. On the other hand, the HVA12XX will operate from a 12 VDC input. The output voltage always remains independent of the current input power voltage, and it remains proportional to programming voltage. It comprises of excellent linearity, which is good to look for while searching for DC-DC Converters (with the best amplifiers).

The series is known to have an input, which allows users to disable the internal high voltage generator if desired. The ultra-compact piece minimizes quiescent current, even limiting operating noise.

The focus is on reliability. That’s what separates an okay DC-DC Converter (12v to 5v) from a great one. Just be sure to get al the details you need before signing on that dotted line.

You can find this technology in many twenty-first century gadgets and gizmos. The technology is utilized in many fields related to aerospace, automobiles, science and research, and more. To learn more, visit now.

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