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Market Factors At Play
· A membrane air dryer is a drying device. Its primary usage involves lowering the dew point of air and eliminating contaminants that can affect the air compressor, which in turn helps the system to function more effectively by reducing air-borne rust or corrosion at high humidity.
· Membrane air dryers are used in parts for trains and vehicles, such as air spindles, air bearings, and hydraulic brakes. It also finds usage in medical devices.
· The membrane air dryers market is expected to augment growth in the coming years owing to its usage in healthcare and industrial applications, to deliver compressed air free from various contaminants such as oil and water at dew point as low as -40°C.
· The membrane air dryers are frequently recommended for point-of-use installations near electrical or explosive threats and in remote areas considering it being small and lightweight. Another advantage of using a membrane air dryer is its feature of no requirement of an external power source and has no moving parts.
Global Membrane Air Dryers Market by application (USD Million), 2012–2020

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Region Specific Insights
· Due to the growing demand in the healthcare, food & beverage sector, and telecommunications industry. The North American region is expected to augment growth to the market for membrane air dryers in the coming years.
· The demand for membrane air dryers is projected to increase in several economies of Europe and the Asia Pacific region.
Recent Developments
· In March 2019, Donaldson Company, Inc. introduced Filter Minder® connected technology for monitoring engine air filters, using the equipment’s telematics system.
· In December 2019, Gardner Denver announced the launch of its RPC Series Energy Saving Air Dryer line. The RPC series energy-saving air dryer is energy-efficient that can deliver air treatment with increased productivity, according to the company.
· In November 2019, Ingersoll Rand introduced its new dryer technology, the Subfreezing Dryer. The Subfreezing Dryer is the world’s first dryer that provides -20°C pressure dew point at 70% lower energy costs and a 40% smaller footprint than that of traditional desiccant dryers.