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Visualization platforms allow users to grasp information and insights from a large amount of data with ease. These platforms also help decision-makers to identify the co-relation between multi-dimensional data sets and offer effective features and tools to interpret the data. Additionally, several industries such as information technology, services and telecommunications, research and retail, and E-commerce, among others, are adopting these tools to identify the sales and customer buying patterns. This will help to gather insights such as key performance metrics from their historical data. At present, companies are using these patterns and insights to compare the performance of current business operations and forecast future performance.

Furthermore, visualization platforms also offer a significant level of personalization and details to interpret complex data. For instance, in September 2019, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd., one of the major players in the advisory services sector launched an advanced public data visualization tool which provides insights based on coding algorithms, visualization techniques and refines the same with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), blockchain and big data analytics among others. The integration of such advanced technologies is supplementing the market growth.

QlikTech International AB is Emphasizing on Mergers and Collaborations to Extend Product Portfolio

QlikTech International AB has been focusing on delivering of the modern data analytics platforms to empower business and individuals to accelerate and transform businesses. The company is collaborating with multiple leading companies to integrate advance technologies in their offerings and enhance the efficiency and performance of their solutions.

In January 2020, QlikTech International AB acquired RoxAI to enhance their product portfolio and enable their users to monitor and manage business data in real-time proactively

In February 2019, QlikTech International AB partnered with DataRobot, Inc. to integrate automated machine-learning modelling directly into their platform to enable their users to attain predictive data decision-making


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