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Viagra has petitioned first, but later the competition increased as several companies were ready to manufacture it. The little blue pill was all set to turn white. Drugmaker Pfizer was now about to launch the cheaper version of Viagra. Rather than losing the sale, they decided to sell the generic version and was made available soon in the market.

Pfizer.Inc was about to sell the medicaments at straight $65 but Generic maker Teva Pharmaceuticals did not disclose the price of the tablets they were about to introduce in the market. Due to introducing the remedies of Impotence such as Viagra and Generic Viagra online, the prices may fall.

As per one urologist in New York, men were paying fortunes and the introduction of Generic meds might reduce the burden of purchasing the medicaments at such low prices.
Viagra was introduced in the year 1998 and was the only remedy to treat Impotence. It started creating frustration amongst the men as people started discussing Impotence publicly while it was supposed to be a private issue. Also, ED for short TV ads was promoted for the medical condition such as Impotence, while the more appealing options like penile ejection and implants slowly became less popular.

Pfizer says atleast 20% of the market was loyal customers and rather than giving up sales on generic meds they preferred emerging as brand name drug maker. The company started to sell its generic meds and fought a lot to keep men on the little blue pill.

When Viagra was introduced it was alone, and today there are various brands. In the year 2011, there were more than 12 million prescriptions for Viagra and Cialis as per the Health data and Clinical research company IQVIA. However, there was a drop noticed since 2012 by 20 percent.
Also, the researchers conclude that since the decade, the retail price jumped from $20 to $65 per pill of Viagra and for Cialis, the drastic increase from $11 to $61 was noticed. This increase or change in price was also increased due to the middle sales person adding few dollars per pill.
Many patients know that Viagra is going Generic and several men are waiting for it. Cialis and Levitra were other versions launched in 2003, and their own generic competition next fall.

As time passed, some doctors found some other specializing meds for treating the sexual disorder. The health care provider prescribed Revatio, the blood pressure medicament introduced by Pfizer for the treatment of Impotence in older men. It contains 1/5 dose of Sildenafil in Viagra and is sold as low as $1 per pill.
As the number of meds was developing, the price becomes competitive and also gave a chance for the men to try the med that suits them and helps them treat the disorder. Men required medicaments such as Generic Viagra, Viagra, Cialis, and many others. The price cut played a role and it became more convenient for men seek treatment.