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Listed among the top mass comm colleges, DSC is now offering high-quality education to journalism aspirants. This institute has been providing an interest oriented education in India since its inception. It provides a faculty of seasoned professors related to media who personally instruct each one of their students to ensure their balanced learning and render them worthy of actually understanding the environment.

Recognized as one of the best Mass Communication Colleges in Delhi, the Institute has focused its academics on international curriculum. It also promotes the intellectual and psychological development of their people. DSC is renowned for its Master’s degree in Media & Public Communication. The PG Media Research is very influential in the younger generation. DSC provides an updated Mass Comm and Journalism course in Delhi that is specific to business.

The Delhi school of communication is one of the most sought colleges amongst media institutes in Delhi. They have been contributing a lot towards the development of a healthy and progressive society that provides strong foundation in nation building. This renowned institute in Delhi provides education with a blend of Indian values and modern society to make its students competent enough to face the challenges of the future. Apart from dedicated media and journalism courses in Delhi it stresses an overall development of the student by carefully balancing the student’s academic, activities, sports and aesthetics arts in the state of art infrastructure and facilities available within the campus.

DSC has an extensive relationship with trustworthy media outlets and is also able to offer sufficient access to the sector and realistic guidance on the best practices of the business. The primary goal of this institute is to provide students with comprehensive functional experience and analytical research in all of its academic activities.

About DSC
The marketing communication programme at DSC is a postgraduate Diploma in Communication and masters in Mass Communication. It integrates areas of advertisement, digital communication & marketing, and strategy to create communication. DSC has been a first in many domains. It pioneered the concept of integrated marketing communication training.

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Address: 321/2, IGNOU Road Neb Sarai, New Delhi
Phone No: 011-29531556, 011-29531559
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