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XploreMR, in its recent study on the dust extractor market, offers a detailed value-volume analysis of the dust extractor market on the basis of various segments such as capacity, power source, dust class, vacuum pressure, sales channel, application, and region. In terms of capacity, the 20 to 40 ltr. type segment is estimated to lead the market share in terms of value, while on the basis of volume, the 10 to 20 ltr. segment is projected to grow at significant CAGR over the forecast period.
Dust extractor have a large number of applications in sectors such as construction, DIY, garages, and many other applications that require the use of simple or complex dust extractors in their day-to-day operations. With these applications projected to witness significant growth in the coming years, the dust extractor market is expected to experience robust growth opportunities over the forecast period.
The dust extractor market report covers market analysis through BPS (basis point analysis) market attractiveness analysis, incremental dollar opportunity index, and Y-o-Y growth for the historical period 2014–2018, and a forecast analysis for 2019–2029, with 2018 as the base year.
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An Overview of the Dust Extractor Market Report
Dust Extractor Market: Executive Summary
The dust extractor market report begins with an executive summary that covers a gist of the overall report, highlighting the global dust extractor market overview in terms of volume and value through various segments. The section also covers key supply- and demand-side trends, technology roadmap, XploreMR analysis, and recommendations on the global dust extractor market.
Dust Extractor Market: Introduction
The market introduction section of the report covers market taxonomy, market definitions, and research scope of the dust extractor market.
Dust Extractor Market: Background
The market background section of the global dust extractor market report includes macroeconomic factors, value chain analysis, restraints, drivers, opportunities, and trends, along with forecast factors affecting the growth of the dust extractor market.
Dust Extractor Market: Segmentation
Capacity Application Power Source Dust Class Vacuum Pressure Sales Channel Region
• 0.4 to 1 Ltr
• 1 – 10 Ltr
• 10 – 20 Ltr
• 20 – 40 Ltr
• Above 40 Ltr
• Professional Craftsmen (DIY)
• Woodworking
• Car Services
• Individual
• Garages/Service Stations
• Construction Sites
• Commercial Establishment Maintenance • Battery Operated
• 12V
• 18V
• Direct Power Supply Based • Low
• Medium • 0.01 to 0.1 Bar
• 0.1 to 1 Bar
• More than 1 Bar • Hardware
• Wholesale
• Retail
o e-Commerce Platform • Latin America
• Eastern Europe
• Asia Pacific
• Middle East
• Africa
• North America
• Western Europe
• Japan
Dust Extractor Market: Forecast
The market estimate section delivers a cost analysis of the dust extractor market on the basis of regional fronts, wherein, the average weighted cost has been calculated to arrive at the global average prices of the market. This chapter also covers global market analysis on the basis of segments, coupled with regional segmental analysis in terms of value and volume, year-on-year growth, market share, and market attractiveness index
Dust Extractor Market: Emerging Countries Analysis
This chapter covers the dust extractor market analysis for key emerging countries that are anticipated to create lucrative growth opportunities for dust extractor manufacturers, globally.
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Dust Extractor Market: Competition Analysis
In the final section of the dust extractor market report, a detailed competition analysis was done with a market share analysis pertaining to the dust extractor market, and the performance of manufacturers by a tier-down structure of the global dust extractor market. The section also covers the detailed company profiles of key players in the dust extractor market report.
Examples of some of the key competitors in the dust extractor market are Milwaukee Tool, Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG, Makitra Corporation, Hilti Group, Robert Bosch GmbH, DeWalt (acquired by Stanley), Metabowerke GmbH, Panasonic Corporation, Nilfisk Inc., Tennant Company, Numatic International Ltd., Electrostar GmbH (Starmix), Bisell Inc., Fiorentini / Clemas & Co., Verimark (Pty) Ltd., and C & E Fein GmbH
Research Methodology
The initial stage of the dust extractor market research entailed the formulation of a preliminary hypothesis, which was considered from secondary as well as primary approaches. To analyze the dust extractor market share and competition analysis, we tracked key developments in the dust extractor market, such as expansion, collaborations, new orders, mergers & acquisitions, awards, product launches, and recognition for companies operating in the market. Competition benchmarking has been provided for the top five competitors with respect to the sales performance of dust extractors.