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(July 04, 2020): The book “There Is Something Wrong with the System” by Michael Rose reveals the whole truth and discusses its healing power. This book has been written in an attempt to discover suppressed knowledge as well as finding answers to the problems within the realm of healthcare and social care in modern Britain. Rose says, “We have now reached a time where individuals need to find new solutions to the increasing health problems as suffered by many UK citizens. My book represents a challenging journey from a place of despair and pain towards unfolding a universal truth surrounding natural laws and the facts”.

Focusing primarily on wellbeing issues, the book sets out to provide alternative solutions regarding elderly healthcare, mental healthcare, NHS crisis, social care crisis, government cuts, and numerous present-day health problems. Rose clearly states the urgent need to curtail the excessive use and detrimental impact of harmful synthetic prescription drugs. This book has been written from two completely separate perspectives brought together in one single place. While one is from a family member, the other is from an independent doctor. 

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Michael Rose is a writer who seeks to communicate thoughts and experiences through the power of words.                              


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