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The worst part is, once bought, the home is yours to clean. Local services and home inspectors often offer meth testing and cleaning, but the process can cost you more. Learn how to tell if your home was a meth house and what to do about it now.

Be Suspicious of Strong Odors

Normally, old homes are smelly and nasty, but meth labs leave a signature scent. so put your nose to the ground to sniff for any suspicious smells like ammonia, rotten eggs, or vinegar or other chemicals. These smells are a red flag for the property if you want to be sure you can go for meth testing before buying.

Note Unsanitary Conditions

Meth labs aren’t known for their cleanliness. Take a walk into the house that looks messy and foul-smelling, it’s a good indicator that something might be amiss. Check out the carpet and walls if they have deep stains these can be the indicator that there was drug use in the home. It not always true that a messy house is a former meth house so you can go for meth testing of the house to confirm.

Ask Your Neighbors

If you’re new to the area, you can seek help from the neighbours. They are well aware of the area and also have all the important details about the previous owners and any suspicious activities that could have taken place there. That could be a great help for you!!