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SURAT, INDIA Release: July 3, 2020. For Immediate Release

The ALL EXCELLENT APPS Developers have launched a new version of GPS Map Camera Lite, on July 1.

Full details about the new app’s Promotional Licences and policy can be found at

ALL EXCELLENT APPS is a Powerful and intuitive collaborative Developing, Editing, and Publishing App. Mr. Suresh Kalathiya – CEO and Founder Of ALL EXCELLENT APPS Explained that nowadays people mostly use their phones to capture photographs and sometimes when they travel; Our app can be a handy tool. Our innovative developers made this app so that people can easily see the location while capturing photos and also they can put a stamp of the location on the picture for better detailing of the picture.

This application is a lite version of GPS map camera app series. While Taking pictures from the mobile camera; This app provides users the opportunity to attach Coordinates, Compass Direction, Unit, as well as Date and Time as a stamp. With the help of this app, the user can also see compass directions on the mobile display while using this app.

GPS Map camera lite app is a very effective solution for Travellers, Researchers, Engineers and many more who visit Places and have to share details about it with their colleagues or friends. Those wishing to learn more about this new tool and want all location details on the picture can download this app from the given link below.


Contact: Dharmesh Baraiya, All Excellent Apps
Phone: 8758955189