Car Dealership Advertisement Trends That Are Being Followed

Today the average car buyer is now spending more than 50% of their time in performing the web research for the purchasing of any vehicle. Apart from that almost 80% of the users are making use of their Smartphone for successfully purchasing any vehicle before going to the auto dealer. So, it is very essential for any auto dealer to attract more customers by powerful dealership advertisements. We can say that ad spending is increasing for many organisations in the automotive industry.

Digital advertising can improve your lead generation for the car dealerships

Rich media advertising, banner ads and display advertising is more popular among the companies. A display advertisement is the richest form of advertisement. Nowadays, the video advertisement has been a more popular option for getting the potential customers.

Videos are the potential form of advertisement for better understanding

It is very important for you to add video ad in your plan of car dealership advertising, and there are many forms of video ads like:

• In-display video advertisements

• In-stream video advertisements

• Bumper-ads

People can be more influenced by the YouTube ads related to the car purchasing as per the study compared to newspaper, TV, magazines etc.

Making your video ads featuring rich benefits of any particular model will be helpful in your car dealership advertising. This task will increase your SEO visibility, authority and most important brand awareness. Also, for increasing social media growth to encourage site engagement, car dealership ads are vital.

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