A company exists only for one reason and that’s to earn money

A company exists only for one reason and that’s to earn money. OSRS is making money. OSRS stops existing the moment it doesn’t. Yes! The goal of Each company is to earn money. However, you are forgetting that their goal isn’t just to make money now but to also make making money tomorrow. The point is that OSRS will continue to make money so long as they do not piss off their customers, and MTX etc. would piss us off enough to stop paying.

This is partially why they’re so scared to make actual changes to RuneScape game with no poll. They saw the last time they made such a change and it snapped RuneScape game apart. I doubt they’d risk that. They’d have to believe OSRS is dying unless they made a massive shift. Do you doubt that? They have been moving increasingly more towards making unpolled changes and trying to include separate monetization methods to osrs besides p2p. Finally those paths will cross and we are going to get some version of partnerships placed into RuneScape game with no poll. You are delusional if you think that a multi-billionaire dollar conglomerate sees Jagex as their cash cow and not a slaughter bull that may be redeemed to get a quick buck when they need it.

I often see that statement. But it’s actually the values the company has. CD endeavor red, naughty dog. They have different values than the makers of raids shadow legends such as example. Ofcourse a company would like to earn money, but there are loads of businesses who also want to generate good games and won’t settle for less. I feel like the group that is RS3 and OSRS currently have values that are quite different. That’s why I feel”jagex” should not be utilized as a word for the OSRS team. It is a ridiculous argument? Like the fact that they are machines made to squeeze profit from something before it’s dead is okay because that is what they were created to do?

That is like arguing as their objective is to earn more money, it is okay for the drug dealer to cut your medication with additives! Some people are unable to tolerate viewing even if that criticism has literally nothing to do with them. How many times have you seen thorough analyses with though-out tips being disregarded as”whining” on reddit? Definitely at the hundreds for me.I sure adore the values CD project red retains up, helps silence their horrible expectations of employees. But it’s fine because they are nicer to the customer, whereas other business is bad because they have lootboxes, despite not treating their employees like trash.

You’re delusional if you think big companies like these have some values besides gain. The only distinction is in their own strategy of how to extract the most profit. Some only realize that making an excellent product is worth it and you’re going to make more money overall than you may from cutting corners and making a bunch of decisions that piss your core industry. Bad management will simply push through these dumb changes attempting to maximize gain and won’t care.

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