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Stock Strategy Link is the product of extensive industry research and in-depth consultations with a top design firm.

Rothsay Consulting, an independent global asset management firm, licensed to carry out investment advisory and asset management services, is pleased to announce that Rothsay Consulting announced today that its Global Stock Plan Services group recently will launch soon a new online stock plan portal, Stock Strategy Link, which will enable participants in over 100 countries to manage their equity compensation plans with ease.

The site’s enhanced features − including a simplified registration process, intuitive navigation and mobile accessibility − were incorporated based on intelligence gathered from corporate clients and plan participants through focus groups, surveys and the GSPS Participant Advisory Council. Following launch, the dynamic site will evolve at an accelerated pace to reflect user feedback, incorporate innovative features and functionality, and continually meet participants’ ever-changing needs.

“A hallmark of our approach to technology development, as with the redesign of our stock plan portal, is to consider how participants use technology and consume information. Stock Strategy Link offers an exceptional user experience. It is the first of several new product and service enhancements that we will implement to enrich participant experience and education through multiple channels, including print, digital, and our dedicated financial advisors and service representatives,” said Michael Loh, Head of Global Stock Plan Services.

This month, Global Stock Plan Services will also launch tools aimed at equipping its corporate clients and plan participants with education on equity compensation services, participant education, thought leadership and application training.

“We are strategically focused on our stock plan products and services, and are committed to the technology investment needed to support our corporate clients and their employees around the world. There are a lot of exciting offerings in the pipeline for participants and corporate clients,” continued Mr. Loh.

About Rothsay Consulting
Rothsay Consulting is an independent global asset management firm with offices in Hong Kong and is licensed to carry out investment advisory and asset management services. As a respected alternative asset manager in Asia we have been managing a broad range of global and specialized investment vehicles also having a focus on hedge fund related products including tailored and customized and commingled portfolios for our clients. Our clients include individual investors and companies, financial institutions, insurance companies and pension plans. We are a global team of over 50 professionals with extensive experience in the global equity and debt markets, global derivatives and structured products.