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Aurora, IL/ 2020: Reading comprehension is a critical skill among learners. These reading abilities amongst children and adults can be managed with the help of reading tools and products. See-n-Read Reading Tools is an online resource that is committed towards helping children and adults in developing reading comprehension skills and more confidence.

See-n-Read Reading Tools is one of the most reliable resources for reading and learning tools. The tools are meant to help readers with visual processing, tracking, comprehension, and fluency.

Reading Tools

See-N-Read Reading Tools: A reading strip that reduces pattern glare, line and word skipping, prevents distractions, and improves fluency and language comprehension.
MemoryMark: It provides a variety of reading benefits and a cut-out window for the reader to make notes, highlight, or underline key text.
eSee-N-Read: This electronic tool provides the benefits of See-N-Read reading tools along with interactive white board compatibility.
See-N-Spell: A quick reference guide for spelling and vocabulary, which helps in spelling words used in the American lexicon the right way.
ColorTAG: A study recall system that helps writers and readers to read and organize information and retrieve the same when needed.

Reasons For Choosing The Tools Provided By Us

They are practical and affordable for learners of all age groups.
The tools use a classroom-tested and research-based approach to learning.
The products help in improving academic vocabulary skills and written spelling.
The tools are based on years of experimental research and real-life experience.
They are designed to develop confidence in a child.
Designated tools to improve learning strategies and thinking.
The tools help in improving reading speed and concentration.
All the tools are CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) approved and made from BPA free, non-toxic material.

For more information on reading tools to improve reading comprehension by See-n-Read Reading Tools, call at (630) 236 – 5592 or visit You can also visit 2533 Sutton Lane, Aurora, IL – 60502.