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The global market for rubber adhesives is expected to witness modest growth with respect to volume of the rubber adhesive sold and its demand across various industries. In this research report on the global rubber adhesive market, the demand and market attractiveness of rubber adhesives has been studied along with the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the market. Stakeholders in the global rubber adhesive market can expect a volley of opportunities from emerging economies such as China and India from the Asia Pacific region, according to this research study. Albeit a high market share in the developed economies of US, Germany, France and other European countries, Asia Pacific continues to remain a key cash cow, given its lucrative nature albeit volatility in the rubber market. 

Building and construction to remain highly attractive application area for rubber adhesives 

The global market for rubber adhesives is largely influenced by the building and construction industry. With a large scale use of rubber adhesive in this sector, the demand and sales of rubber adhesives worldwide is likely to increase. This is complemented by the unprecedented growth of the construction sector on the global front. This is attributed towards extensive use of rubber adhesives in a myriad of applications such as roofing, carpet layment, tiling, flooring underlayment, to name a few. The report projects that against this backdrop, the building and construction sector is likely to remain pivotal in driving the growth of the market, accounting for a major share in terms of market valuation. 

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Asian rubber adhesives market to witness a significant upsurge; China to remain on the driving seat, India to follow suit

Asia Pacific’s growing demand for rubber adhesives on the back of growing automotive and construction sectors remains instrumental in driving the growth of the market during the period of forecast. Emerging economies of India and China are expected to largely contribute to the rubber adhesive market growth in the region. The construction industry in China is poised to expand at an impressive rate, in turn providing potential opportunities for companies involved in the production of rubber adhesives. This aspect will remain instrumental in driving sales of rubber adhesives in China in the coming years. Likewise, the construction industry in India will also scale-up the rubber adhesive market in the country, says the report. The buoyant construction sector in India provided several opportunities of growth for various complementing industries and with rubber adhesive being no exception, it is expected to maintain status quo throughout the period of forecast. 

Global Top Rubber Adhesives Market Players are: 3M, Huntsman, Henkel AG, KGAA, Lord Corporation, Chadha Corporation, HB Fuller, Permabond Llc , Sika AG, Bostik China Co. Ltd., Dow Chemical Company

Moreover, the report expects that stakeholders can also target the Australian market for rubber adhesives. According to ACIF (Australian Construction Industry Forum), the construction sector in the country is expected to grow at a substantial pace. This covers new airport construction, road constructions and commercial and residential building constructions, which are expected to influence the demand and use of rubber adhesives. The demand projections for rubber adhesives in Australia are projected to remain modest throughout the period of forecast, says the report.

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COVID 19 impact – market valuation might witness a twist inducing a wait-and-watch situation

The above market scenario has been established based on the facts and figures as mined through primary and secondary research. However, the future scenario, although less likely to reflect a drastic change in data, is being studied with all possible outcomes due to the pandemic. The COVID pandemic, since its outbreak in 2019 from China, had majorly hampered the manufacturing sector in the country, in turn creating an unhealthy scenario for the supply and distribution. Overall, the entire supply chain being hampered, the change in market strength remains a question to all players. Albeit this uncertain scenario, the market for rubber adhesives would spring-up, yet at a slow pace in the coming years. Along with emerging economies the developed nations are facing even worse market situations due to the uncertainty induced. The report covers an in-depth assessment on the overall scenario along with an impact analysis on COVID 19 on the global rubber adhesive market.


  • What is the market size and growth rate of the global and regional markets by various segments?
  • What is the market size and growth rate of the market for selective countries?
  • Which region or sub-segment is expected to drive the market during the forecast period?
  • What factors are anticipated to impact demand and supply trends in the market during the forecast period? 
  • What factors are likely to drive market revenue growth during the forecast period?
  • What are the key technology and other trends shaping the market?
  • What are the key opportunities in the market?
  • What are some of the strategies implemented by key companies operating in the market?
  • What is the COVID-19 impact on the market?

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