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Analysis of the Global Rare Earth Metals Market

A new study published by Future Market Insights on the global Rare Earth Metals market includes a global analysis (2014-2018) and opportunity assessment for the period 2016-2026. The report offers a comprehensive assessment of the key market dynamics in detail. The analysts take into account the historic as well as the current growth parameters to project the growth of the Rare Earth Metals market with maximum accuracy. 

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The report suggests that the global Rare Earth Metals market is expected to witness a considerable CAGR growth of 8.5% during the forecast period (2016-2026) and surpass the value of US$ 7,362.8 Mn by 2026. The report provides a Y-o-Y growth trend analysis and the current and future market volume projections (Units) for the assessment period. The impact of the novel COVID-19 pandemic on the Rare Earth Metals market is assessed in the report along with valuable insights pertaining to how market participants are adapting to the current situation. 

Pressing questions related to the Rare Earth Metals market answered in the report:

  1. Who are the leading companies operating in the current Rare Earth Metals market landscape?
  2. The market in which region is expected to witness the slowest growth during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  3. Which recent technological innovation has impacted the growth of the Rare Earth Metals market?
  4. What are the future prospects of the Rare Earth Metals market post the COVID-19 event?
  5. What are the different marketing strategies adopted by players in the Rare Earth Metals market?

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Key Takeaways from the Report

  • Impact of the COVID-19 on the supply chain and distribution chain models of market participants
  • Accurate representation of data collected from credible and reliable primary and secondary sources
  • Market structure and business environment across various geographies
  • Company profiles of leading players in the Rare Earth Metals market
  • Value chain analysis and profitability margin of key market participants

Segmentation of the Rare Earth Metals Market

The global Rare Earth Metals market is segmented to provide a thorough understanding of the various aspects of the Rare Earth Metals market at a granular level.

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By Metal Type

  • Neodymium
  • Yttrium
  • Dysprosium
  • Terbium
  • Europium
  • Cerium
  • Lanthanum

By Region

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Asia Pacific Excl. Japan
  • Japan
  • Middle East and Africa (MEA)

By Application

  • Catalysts
  • Permanent Magnets
  • Metallurgy & Alloys
  • Polishing
  • Glass
  • Phosphors
  • Ceramics
  • Others (Fertilizers, Pigments, Defence etc.)

The growth projection, size, share, and value of each segment and sub-segment is accurately tracked in the presented market study. 

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