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Safety Bumpers Market Sales Report

Safety bumpers Market: Overview

Safety Bumpers are used to protect from corner edges and to prevent damaging of objects striking through them. They are softly rubberized to pullback the objects colliding and also give a calm feel to humans when they collide through those corners and edges. These safety bumpers are made of soft polyurethane foam with a protective skin. They also have an on and off function to work according to an open and closed principle.

Safety bumpers are available in many sizes ranging from 39 3/8 long to 2-5 inches in diameter. They are also available in various shapes for the different purpose. They can be in shape to act as corner guards, beam shelf edge protection, flat surface protection, protective corners, pipe protection, corner protection and much more. They are also made according to the extent of protection needed and are available in different thickness.

These are also available in different colors with different combinations like black/yellow, photo luminescent/red, photo luminescent/black, reflective silver/red, all black, all white and much more. These are made of flexible cushioning materials which gently bounces back and absorbs the force of impact. These safety bumpers are used in different objects like cars and buses. In these vehicles, these are attached both inside and outside. Inside the vehicle, it protects objects and humans during accidents; these are attached to the seats to prevent breaking of the neck during sudden brakes. Outside the vehicle, it protects the vehicle during accidents giving collective backing force to other vehicles.

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Safety bumpers Market: Dynamics

These safety bumpers are high in demand mainly in the automobile industry and the construction industry. Safety bumpers are to be putting in vehicles which are a daily basic need to a human being. Safety bumpers are also attached in homes which are a required need to humans. These are trending in the safety industry where these are fitted in breakers to provide shock proof feel inside the vehicle and also in the dock barricades for protection during accidents.

Safety Bumpers are much popular in developing countries where they are driving the market for economic growth and the running industrialization which will lead the overall production of motor vehicles and the automobile industry and the other manufacturing output. The major barrier affecting the sales of safety bumpers are the cost of replacing or repairing of these automotive bumpers. A major trend which is being followed in the global Safety bumpers market is the preference of plastic bumpers rather than the traditional metal ones.

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Safety bumpers Market: Regional Overview

Global Safety Bumpers market can be analyzed in the following regions as North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, APEJ, Japan, and MEA. It has been analyzed that the global safety bumpers market is estimated to grow at USD 14.2 Billion during the forecast period. The modern bumpers in the Safety bumpers market are usually made of molded plastic, aluminum steel, polyester, plastic and many others. The technological advancement in the automotive industry is expected to grow the global automotive bumpers market over the forecast period.

Asia pacific has the major share in the Safety Bumpers market because the vehicle production in the countries like India, China, and South Korea is increasing at a very high rate and also the production capacity is at peak demand. Japan is the second largest manufacturer in the Safety bumpers market. Japan is the region where the innovation in the automobile industry is very high which plays an important role in the growth of Safety Bumpers Market. America also has a major role in the safety Bumpers market.

Safety bumpers Market: Key Players

  • Faurecia
  • Denso Corporation
  • Hyundai Mobis
  • Plastic Omnium
  • Calsonic Kansei Corporation
  • Futaba Corporation

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