CROWN/ARMOR Releases Breakthrough Antiviral Barrier Spray To Effectively Shield Mask Materials Against Viruses

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20 Years of Research Leads to Natural Viral Protective Spray In a Time That Calls for Extra Health Protections

May 19, 2020 (Washington D.C.)–While the recent health pandemic has caused many businesses and even entire industries to halt activity, it’s been a big stepping stone for the development of CROWN/ARMOR Antiviral Barrier Spray ( from CrownStar Bio. With the public worrying about how to get back into the swing of things safely, and how to combat the upcoming cold/flu season, the team at CROWN/ARMOR brought to life 20 years of research to develop a solution for the masses.

CROWN/ARMOR is an antiviral barrier spray that is made up of natural and botanical FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) ingredients that are not only safe to use, but when in formulation, have been researched and tested to create an effective barrier against virus transmission. The antiviral spray works to decrease the risk of infection from viruses that come in contact with face masks. It’s been proven to protect against many viruses including coronaviruses. The formula was found to be 99.9% effective in preventing the transmission of viruses when sprayed on mask material. Find out more about the science behind CROWN/ARMOR at

Seeing the current health pandemic unfold has made us think about the evolution of our health protection,” begins Martin Erim, CEO of CrownStar Bio. “We consider ourselves to be very lucky to have uncovered a broad-spectrum antiviral formula, backed by two decades of peer-reviewed published research, that could help Americans return to some kind of normalcy. We use a proprietary blend of natural, FDA GRAS-certified ingredients in an affordable, convenient spray bottle formulation to ensure broad access to the public.”
Laboratory research performed at prestigious international institutions has proven that the unique formulation of CROWN/ARMOR, which includes potent natural ingredients with antiviral properties, provides protection against the transmission of many viruses including coronaviruses. CROWN/ARMOR is made in the USA and comes in a spray bottle format for easy application onto face masks to boost their preventative capabilities, as well as extend the protective life span of the mask. One 2 oz. bottle retails for $9.95, and the company also offers a friends and family six-pack of 2 oz. bottles for only $49.95. It is available for pre-order at with discounts for bulk orders of 10,000 units or more.
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