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Summers or spring the moist and warm weather is just so ideal for fleas and ticks to mate, multiply and stay cocooned so as to linger around even in other seasons. This is how these pesky creatures build their community and spread various diseases like Bartonella, Allergies, Tapeworm Infections, Anemia, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Fever, etc. As they can stay in the surroundings for over 6 months, removing them completely from the pets and household thus becomes a quest for a pet owner. It is certainly a herculean task if the pet loves to roam outdoors, in the bushes or woods as they are the breeding grounds of these parasites.

However, don’t fret! With best products that kill and also prevent fleas and ticks effectively, you can easily help your pet from contracting these organisms. And indirectly they will also help protect your household from getting infected. One note of caution: While buying the products, ensure they are formulated for the age and weight of your pet. And secondly, make sure you treat all the animals in the house instead of the one who has been infested to assure complete protection. Go through the list of the top flea and tick products that have been evaluated, approved and thus listed amongst the top 5. It is a research-based listing so rest assured.

1. Frontline Plus

With its swift action and effective control over fleas and ticks, Frontline Plus has secured the topmost position in the product ranking charts. This topical treatment works for complete one month and disrupts the complete lifecycle of fleas. Moreover, with its special composition of fipronil as well as s-methoprene, Frontline Plus amazingly paralyzes 4 nasty, disease-causing tick species.

2. Bravecto

These tasty little chews kill and prevent flea and tick infestation for complete 3 months. If your dog doesn’t let you apply the solution to his body, try giving him Bravecto. It is liked by most of the pet owners for imparting such long protection and for being so easy to give to the pets.

3. K9 Advantix

It is a holistic treatment for sundry parasites. Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes or Chewing Lice – it kills and prevents all. K9 Advantix acts on the adult fleas before they lay eggs thereby preventing them from reproducing in the first place. It also repels ticks for over a month and cures dermatitis and itching caused due to flea bites.

4. Seresto Collar

Another very famed product amongst pet parents other than the topical ones is Seresto flea & tick collar. An active ingredient in Seresto called flumethrin works to repel all the insects. This is one of the best products which can be easily worn year-round to safeguard your dog from fleas, ticks or other parasites. Pets that are fidgety, or don’t like to be treated with topical solutions can be best treated with Seresto.

5. Nexgard Spectra

Does your dog have worms other than flea and ticks? Nexgard is a perfect product for you. It is a broad spectrum treatment which controls fleas and ticks for almost 5 weeks and kills gastro-intestinal worms effectively. Wait, wait, wait! Not just this, it also prevents heartworm disease when administered regularly and being beef-flavored, dogs love to have it as treats. Isn’t it fabulous?! I guess it definitely is!

When the time is ripe and the parasite population is all set to explode, rest assured these products will act as a sword of the knight (your dog). Hah, wish these parasites better luck next time! 

Don’t forget to vacuum your house though!