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Temperature Switches Market Forecast Report

Temperature switches are finding lot of applications in the food and beverages industry. Temperature switches are being widely used in the food and beverages industry for the quality assurance of products through various stages of production to storage. Most of the products in the food and beverages industry need to remain fresh until consumed. Even small changes in temperature can damage quality of the product, contaminate it, and render the food unfit for consumption. Temperature switches are also extensively being used in the oil and gas industry. Temperature switches prevent the machines from getting overheated and reach the danger level. For example, temperature switches machines used deep inside the Earth such as machine drills.

Market Overview:

The main function of temperature switches is to limit the temperatures in the industry. Temperature switches find application in the industry to continuously monitor temperature of equipment and machinery. When a machine overheats or the temperature of machine goes beyond a certain limit, temperature switches perform the task of switching off the machinery or switching on the fan that can lower down the temperature of the machine.

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Temperature variations taking place around the temperature switches or in enclosed spaces are sensed by the temperature switches. The mechanism of pressure switches and temperature switches is almost similar. In many designs of temperature switches, the temperature sensing element is placed in such a way that the internal pressure of gas or liquid can be increased or decreased as the temperature rises or drops. Pressure variations are able to actuate the mechanism of temperature switches.

Market Dynamics:

Increase in the demand for electronic products owing to the advantages offered by them is also a factor that is leading to the growth of temperature switches market. Apart from food and beverages and oil and gas industries, temperature switches are used in extensive applications. Temperature switches find application in the cooling and heating circuits, mobile hydraulics, motors, machine building, and compressors. High demand for temperature switches in the food and beverages industries and oil and gas industries is also driving the growth of the temperature switches market globally.

Apart from food and beverages and oil and gas industries, slowing global growth is likely to be a restraining factor in the growth of temperature switches market in other end-user industries such as automotive, that require temperature switches.

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Key Players:

Some of the players operating in the temperature switches market include – Danfoss, Panasonic, Waytech, Microchip Technology, Barksdale Inc., Texas Instruments, Hytec Group, WICA, SOR Inc., ABB, United Products.

Electric controls, analog devices, ashcroft, hydra electric and maxim integrated basic components used by WIKA for manufacturing temperature switches are bimetals. A bimetallic disc is provided in the temperature switches that sense the temperature that snaps over as soon as temperature crosses nominal switching temperature. As soon as the temperature goes below the nominal switching temperature, the temperature switch returns to its original state. In the TFS35 model of bimetal temperature switches from WIKA, bimetal disc does not carry any current thus the possibility of formation of an electric arc is eliminated.

The Temperature Switches market will grow at a moderate pace in the forecast period 2017 to 2027 owing to slow global growth. Food and beverages and oil and gas industries are an exception to this factor. It is estimated that the demand for temperature switches will further grow in the forecast period.

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