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Fournier 2800 marked cheating cards are popular in European countries. They are plastic cards which have better feelings than paper cards. These Fournier 2800 poker cards have same package and back pattern with Fournier 2500 playing cards. From their backs, you can’t distinguish which cards is Fournier 2800 poker. But there still exists difference. Fournier 2800 poker decks are 2PIP index while Fournier 2500 playing cards are 4PIP index.
Plastic Fournier 2800 marked cheating cards are easier to shuffling and dealing because they won’t stick together like paper cards. We marks these cards with invisible ink so that people can’t see the marks with naked eyes. Generally, we will use invisible ink contact lenses and sunglasses to see these marks.
Fournier 2800 playing cards can be marked into back marked cards and barcode marked poker cards. If you want Fournier 2800 marked cheating cards for infrared contact lenses, there are four common marking ways.
1.Marking a big font and suits in the whole back.
2.Only marking a big font in the middle. This one is suitable for poker games that can’t care about suits.
3.Small fonts and suits marked on four corners.
4.The smallest fonts and suits on the white boarder.
We also provide custom service. We can satisfy all your reasonable requirements within our possibility. Our marking ink is good quality and we will adjust the formula of ink when we mark different cards. By this way, the Fournier 2800 marked poker cards will have better effect. In any light, no one can see the marks unless you wear specialized contact lenses.
Barcode Fournier 2800 marked decks are the different kinds of marked cards. These cards need to work with poker scanning camera. We will mark the barcodes on the four edges. The barcode includes the information about the cards of numbers and suits. The phone winning system will analyzing the information and then calculate out the possible winner.
Two kinds of Fournier 2800 marked cheating cards can help you win more easily than before. Don’t wait. Let our products help you!