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Cyber bullying is one among the risks of social networks that’s considered a criminal offense , which when it happens within the school environment it threatens the rights of youngsters because it undermines their well-being and prevents the event of their school activity, causing fear, damaging the image and affecting such important issues as freedom of expression or psychological state of schoolchildren.

The fight against sexting and cyberbullying may be a matter that concerns us all: fathers and mothers, schools, minors, media and, of course, legislators and governments that has got to take measures to stop the occurrence and enforcement of the law against episodes of cyberbullying within the case of Andalusia, the Ministry of Education of the Board has this action protocol against cyberbullying.

Characteristics and kinds of cyberbullying:

When identifying a case of cyberbullying we must take under consideration the foremost common characteristics during which cyberbullying occurs.

– The mobile is that the main tool of cyberbullying with 90% of cases.

– the utilization of the pc or tablet barely reaches 20% of cases.

– the foremost common sort of cyberbullying is thru WhatsApp (80% of cases).

– Social networks account for 36.2% of cases of faculty cyberbullying.

– The insult is that the explanation for bullying in 81% of cases of cyberbullying and therefore the overwhelming majority refers to the physical characteristics of the victim (36%), revenge and aggressiveness of the bullies (10% in both).

– Threats account for 37% of the causes of bullying.

– The third way or explanation for cyberbullying is that the dissemination of rumors (11%) about the victim and in some cases, the impersonation in social networks.

In the case of cyberbullying, harassment for the victim is daily in 71.8% of cases and 38% are supporting this example for quite a year.

Cyberbullying can occur either within the sort of a threat with private messages or through comments or mentions on social networks whose objective is to ridicule the victim.

When we mention cyberbullying, we mean one among the most concerns for fathers, mothers and therefore the educational community. The definition of cyberbullying in Wikipedia refers to the term virtual harassment or cyberbullying and “is the utilization of digital media to harass an individual or group of individuals , through personal attacks, disclosure of confidential or false information among other means.”

To this definition, we must add the key factor that this example is repeated continuously over time. We are talking about an evolution of the term bullying to which we incorporate the term cyber since this happens through digital devices or media (smartphones, social networks, forums, email, webcam, and etc.) and that, so, Therefore, it aggravates things , since it can occur for twenty-four hours.