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A mobile app can boost a brand’s visibility and drive sales. It can also be used to increase productivity and employee retention. Different industries have different business goals to achieve from their mobile app development efforts. Here’s a look at the benefits that mobile app development has to offer to the retail, education, hospitality and manufacturing industries.

Retail Industry Consumer

behavior and buying habits have changed dramatically with technological advancements. Consumers are increasingly using their mobile phones to make buying decisions. Retails stores can opt for Android application development to enhance user engagement and increase sales, with campaigns using push notifications mentioning discounts and offers.

Education Industry

This industry has used mobile app development to make learning easy and fun. Students can access information through research papers, eBooks, and videos. Mobile apps can boost interaction between teachers and students. They can identify weak areas of each student and tailor lessons based on these inputs. Parents can also receive regular updates on their child’s performance.

Hospitality Industry Hotels

and restaurants have used mobile app development services to enhance the complete experience for guests. People can book rooms at hotels or reserve a table at a restaurant and easily find the location even if they are new to the destination. Hospitality companies can increase awareness of their loyalty programs and can make it very easy to keep track of reward points.

Manufacturing Industry

In a manufacturing company, several verticals with different processes may need to coordinate. Mobile apps help the plant, supply chain, salesforce, back-office, and technical staff stay connected at all times. An experienced Android app development company can plan workflow-specific features and ensure that the mobility solution integrates smoothly with legacy systems.

About Aloha Technology

Aloha Technology is a global IT services outsourcing firm delivering digital transformation by developing technology to create revenue growth and improve agility by reinventing business functionality. Aloha Technology’s domain expertise spans across several business verticals like Retail, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Business Intelligence, BFSI, Enterprise Collaboration, Supply Chain, Internet Advertising and CRM.

Leading ISVs look at us as a strategic IT outsourcing and end-to-end product development choice. Aloha Technology has a global footprint that showcases a workforce of application developers, designers, computer scientists and engineers, and subject matter experts ready to serve the growing 21st-century information and technology needs of clients.

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