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Oakleigh Manor is a reputable outdoor space design agency based in Kent, creating award-winning and high-value garden spaces across London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Essex.

[London, April 1, 2020] – Oakleigh Manor is Kent’s leading outdoor space design agency, specialising in garden design.

Currently, the agency carries out projects throughout London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Essex, servicing private clients, contractors, independent designers and the general public.

Organic design process
Oakley Manor has a very organic approach to their garden design. They create new gardens based on a fresh approach, tailored to every client’s requirement.

The team balances design innovation with the realism of budgetary control, to maximise the potential of every garden space.

Once their designers get a grasp of the client’s vision, they will submit a free design proposal with no obligations. The process concludes with presenting a full master design plan, together with a build specification.

Award-winning, high-value designs
Oakleigh Manor’s in-house teams ensure nothing but high-end outdoor spaces. Several of their projects have won numerous national awards.

A well-designed garden space can enhance the home’s overall value. Oakleigh Manor takes pride in the fact that some of their designs have helped boost overall property values by up to 15 per cent.

Lastly, the company’s environmental policy aims to reduce its carbon footprint. Their designers use local and renewable resources that pose low impact on the environment. They reduce waste and recycle many of the materials and waste products accumulated in daily projects.

Oakleigh Manor is driven to deliver the right design that will suit each client’s desires and aspirations.

About Oakleigh Manor
Oakleigh Manor prides its 20 years of experience in designing quality and award-winning outdoor spaces across Kent and areas in England’s South East. Its talented team of designers is led by renowned landscape architect Victor Grennan. The company provides stunning design & stylisation solutions for homeowners, developers & property owners.

To learn more about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at